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Thursday, 22 July 2010

EDL Letter to the Birmingham Mail (about the Dudley Demo) [by Agamemnon]

- by Agamemnon

I am sending this email in response to an article you have published in the Birmingham Evening Mail about the EDL and the disruption in Dudley on Saturday afternoon.

I notice that you have no problems calling the EDL rats from the sewer, but have you actually taken the time to think about why the EDL has come back to Dudley three times in the last six months?

The Muslim community has bought a factory site with the provision in the sale to build a new factory. Then after they have the title deeds they show their true colours and declare they wish to build a monstrosity on the Dudley sky line in the shape of a mega-mosque that not one single Dudley resident wants built. Over twenty four thousand people signed a petition stating they did not want this mosque to be built. Yet our government feels the people of Dudley should have no say in what gets built in their town.

In May of this year two members of the EDL climbed on to the roof of the proposed mosque site and held a rooftop protest. In answer to this protest the local Muslim community decided to issue West Midlands Police with an ultimatum, either remove the protesters or they would riot in Dudley. West Midlands Police smashed through the roof of the building and armed with tazers and using force, arrested the protesters and managed to break the arm of one of the protesters. In no way did the protesters put up a fight as the arrest was witnessed by over twenty people and many pictures were taken showing the police using unnecessary force.

As a direct response to the actions of West Midlands Police and the lack of action from our government in support of the people of Dudley, we the English Defence League came back to Dudley to show the local people they will never stand alone in the fight for their rights.

The events on Saturday 17th July happened for one reason and one reason only. West Midlands Police and the powers that be decided, for reasons unknown, that they would clamp down on the EDL and allow armed Muslim gangs the impunity to roam the streets of Dudley. These gangs of Muslims attacked groups of EDL supporters with bricks, baseball bats and in one case a car!
West Midlands Police only allowed a small number of EDL supporters access from the arraigned meeting points and into the approved demo area. Many of our supporters, denied the legal right to protest attempted to walk from the meeting points to the demo site. At every turn the police gave them false information and in some cases actually directed groups of EDL supporters into areas full of Muslim gangs looking for trouble. At one point a gang of around two hundred Muslims attacked a mixed family group of EDL made up mainly of women and children. Though the EDL group was in sight of a group of policemen the police decided, for reasons known only unto them, to ignore the fact an armed gang was attacking the EDL supporters.

Whilst all of this was going on, people on the streets of Dudley phoned friends at the demo site and informed them of the double cross by West Midlands Police. Tensions flared and I’m sorry to say some of the people at the demo site decided to attempt to break through police lines and go to the rescue of friends fighting for their lives outnumbered by Muslim gangs.

You also reported on an incident where a car ran a group of EDL members over. This car was driven by black man and had an Asian man in the passenger seat. It was not the family outing of frightened people you make it out to be. Countless eyewitness accounts will say this car drove deliberately at the group and bowled them over throwing people into the air like rag dolls, then the fine police allowed this car to leave the scene of an accident.

You have printed a one-sided heavily bias story of the day that in some cases can be seen as a direct lie, the job of the media is to report on news and not to twist the truth to such an angle that the truth is no longer visible in the words you print.

I was proud on Saturday to say I went to Dudley in support of its residents and the people of Dudley everywhere I went came out and showed support. They lined the streets and got out of cars to cheers us into the town and again as we left the town.

Many people in Dudley know that you have twisted the truth. It’s a shame many of your readers will remain in ignorance of your lies.

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  1. Superb post! let's see if they publish it! BTW have you sent a copy to the local MPs?