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Monday, 19 July 2010

EDL Dudley demo goes very very badly [Vlad Tepes]

- by Eeyore, July 17, 2010, from VLAD TEPES

The news is still coming in. Rumour has it someone died. Many sides to this story. Also a rumour that a car driven by an unknown person ran over 6 EDL people on purpose, sending many to the hospital with broken legs. This went very badly indeed.


Here is from the Dudley police web site on the car accident:

Comment from EDL protester at Dudley:

Karl Harrison:

"I treated this kid with my shell dressing there was a lot of blood roberta and myself approach the police and requested to see chief sup or another high ranking officer we were told to fuck of or words to that effect they fobbed us off we requested to see the batton of the copper we believed did it he hid it from sight and was rather rude to us they behaved with the uttermost disgrace and showed there true colours today god fuck the british bobby."

“we were retreating i had all the edl members behind the barrier that we had surrounding the stage the police then kicked it down and charged with dogs i saw a young girl maybe 16 years old savaged by a police dog”

“We believe hundreds of supporters were turned away so they never even got to Dudley. Some EDL were brought through Muslim areas by the police and then abandoned others were just left to wander and get picked off. There was a delay in setting up the stage/loudspeakers so the crowd got restless but things then seemed to go to plan. After the demo the real problems began with more delays in allowing the EDL to disperse with some being herded onto coaches and others told to walk back to a muster point that the police had brought them by coach to. A lot of those brought in from a muster point that weren’t taken back by the police got lost and we still have at least 1 member missing that I know of.”


"I live in Dudley and couldnt believe what i have seen today!! went up the town with my missus in the car, got escorted away by the police – they sent us the wrong way down a one way street, ended up by the Bus station. there were about 200 P***** there and loads more pulling up in cars they were shouting abuse at us and throwing bricks – the police were just standing there letting them. then got down the road and there were more of them really shouting abuse, a few of them hit a young lad and the police just stood there watching and guarding the mosque*."

"Had to take my mom to hospital tonight and there were loads of EDL fans there with really bad cuts and bleeding because the police had set the dogs on them. we was sitting there for 2 hours and a p**** came in and they took him straight in and treated him – couldn’t believe it."

"Sorry to have to put this on the forum, today was a disaster, local sikhs/hindus had their house and car windows smashed by a group of west midlands late teens early twenties youths/men, we don`t know who they are or what background they are from, but their actions were terrible, and they were stone cold sober, and armed themselves with iron bars and bricks, i have never seen anything like it, groups of EDLscreamed at them at stop, but they continued, they must of broke about 35 windows, and it was done in very methodical almost pre meditated manner, i was reduced to tears."

"Just spoke to my friend who was there when the car went into a group. her son was nearly knocked over too. Said loads went over the bonnet of the car one guy with balaclava went down and a girl too."

"This person was struck in the face by and officers cosh repeatedly and knocked unconscious, 6 people dragged him away from the crown, the old bill didn’t care after my pleading, then he was being dragged to first aiders and the blood was uncontrollable and it looked like he was in serious trouble so I ran to the nearest officer tapped him on the back and screamed please help him please, and him and his officer next to him threw me down the road." Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

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