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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Comment on Tommy Robinson's Recent EDL Statement

The EDL takes itself seriously – after all, our enemies do! I know that we do not constitute a political party as such. And I agree that we shouldn’t. But that shouldn’t stop us from being highly organised and even professional in all our endeavours. After all, many political parties actually started out as ‘single-issue groups’ and whatnot. In many respects, we should be more serious than, say, the Conservative Party - or more serious than the Greens - because it is the future of our country which is at stake here. If we fail, then our children, and even ourselves, may well be living under sharia law at some point in the future. Some people say: ‘But there are only three million Muslims.’ They have no sense of the quick movement of history. History never stands still. I was brought up in an area called Bradford Moor, and later Manningham, both in Bradford. Both had non-Muslim majorities at that time. Now these areas are almost exclusively Muslim. So much for Diversity and Community Cohesion! In other words, they have become Muslim ghettoes. All this has occurred in less than thirty years – in some cases, much less than 30 years. So imagine the situation in 30 years time. Everyone should get to grips with the frightening reality than is Muslim demographics.

*) It is a good idea that all areas and divisions of the EDL should have their own Regional Organiser. It is not enough for such a big movement to only have national leaders based in specific towns. There is no chance that a handful of activists/leaders can carry out everything that needs to be done and also be capable of providing all the propaganda work which will go alongside all of this. The Regional Organisers should become the conduits through which all members of the EDL can make their worries and demands known to the national EDL leadership.

Rooms or venues should be sought out. The problem with meeting in pubs is that the drink might take over the meeting, if you know what I mean. The EDL could rent out rooms in local libraries, pubs, sports venues, churches (!) – just as our enemies do. There should come a point when EDL meetings, in towns and cities throughout England, are detailed on the main EDL website, as is usually the case with other political and non-political groups. Who knows, we may even get them into the Birmingham Mail or the Tower Hamlets Gazette.

These meetings should occur at least once a month. They will, of course, discuss local issues, such as where the latest anti-EDL meeting is. National issues can also be brought up. Basically, anything which gets EDL members both meeting and organising. And, as Tommy Robinson put it, un-resolved or new resolutions could be offered up to the national leadership. Thus there should be close relations developed between Regional Organisers and the EDL national leadership.

We should also start thinking about modes of activism other than demos, such as leafleting, getting our message across in the media, attending anti-EDL meetings and what-have-you – anything which furthers the cause of the EDL and gets its message across to the public at large.

One of the most important things the EDL should stop doing is parading its private conflicts to all and sundry. It is completely counter-productive and politically childish. Now, even if an EDL member has done this, that or the other, let’s not parade it to the public. Sometimes this seems more about the clash of egos than about real political differences. This is not to say that the actions committed by EDL members which are negative to the movement should be swept under the carpet. No. We should just deal with them and deal with them fast. Of course these things will also need to be discussed by the EDL as a whole; so in that sense all internal disputes will be public. However, this shouldn’t stop us from putting the movement first – before private political and personal differences. I am sure that most EDL will know if a internal EDL dispute is trivial and/or personal or whether it is of genuine importance to the movement as a whole. It is up to the EDL as a whole to make these distinctions between personal trivia and any important political problems with EDL leadership, organisation, etc.


  1. By Homo Sapien:

    Damson's lengthy quotation of Paul Weston also makes sense of those prison figures I keep citing. Muslims are 12% of the prison population. Prima facie this is evidence that they are at least 10% of the UK population. No wonder the census is being scrapped.

  2. By RDG:

    It's an unpalatable thought, but unless the Government will not address this dreadful situation (and of course they cant because their leaders in the European parliament and Liberty wont allow it) it could get get very ugly on the streets of the UK, paticularily England.

    Just what do the government think the grass roots will do? Roll over and give in? They should start looking at the EDL and maybe they will get some idea of the feeling of the natives.

    I honestly believe that peacfully protesting will eventually come to an end unless people get their heads out of their collective backsides and stop this Islamic invasion of Christian Briton.

    Will I be regarded as Islamophobic? Racist? Nazi? A right-wing thug? Ect? Ect? I expect I will. Do I give a toss? Not anymore. Just a realist about want is being planned in the name of Islam and there is no place for it in my life.