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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bradord West MP aims to ensure proposed event [EDL demo] does not lead to unrest [Telegraph & Argus]

- 29th July 2010, by Anika Bourley

An MP is demanding the proposed English Defence League march through Bradford be banned.

And Bradford West MP Marsha Singh has vowed to do everything in his power to ensure the devastation of the riots does not happen again.

He has tabled a Parliamentary petition calling on Home Secretary Theresa May to stop the rally expected on Saturday, August 28.

Mr Singh said: “I think the march would be provocative with the things they say about Muslim communities. I just know it in my bones that this will lead to trouble.

“I was present and witnessed the riots in Bradford and it devastated many lives and aspirations and I do not want to see it happen again and I will do anything I can to protect people and stop this happening.”

His Commons motion said the EDL is “trying to spread fear, hatred and violence against Britain’s Muslim community”. In addition, it says it will threaten race relations and cohesion in the city.

Mr Singh is waiting for a call from the Home Secretary about handing over the petition from Bradford residents opposing the rally.

Keighley MP Kris Hopkins has also spoken to Mrs May. He said: “This was an issue which crossed my desk during my time as leader of Bradford Council and, as I said then, situations like this require a strong but sensible approach and, in particular, cool heads.

“The views and advice offered by the police are clearly paramount. But, from a political point of view, we must be careful not to give the EDL the oxygen of publicity they so keenly crave.

“I detest the EDL and all they stand for but we must be clever in how we deal with them rather than find the nearest soap box and shout our objections through a loud hailer.

“I have already spoken to the Home Secretary personally about the EDL coming to Bradford and am due to receive a call from her office later.”

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: “The last thing that Bradford needs is the EDL marching through the city and equally the last thing we need is an opposing rent-a-mob as well.

“The issue is about the potential for disorder in the town centre and we need to be guided by the police. I hope if the police believe there is a risk of disorder they will make sure it does not happen.”

Bradford East MP David Ward warned people to keep calm and said discussions were underway at the highest levels across the district regarding the proposals.

He said: “It is not as straight forward as banning them. I do know that at the highest level in the Council and the police and other organisations in Bradford, serious discussions are taking place on how to deal with the EDL.

“This is all about what would happen if they came. It would be wrong to speculate on the best way forward.

“Legal advice is being sought on what can be done. People need to keep calm and see what comes out of the discussions.

“My understanding is that you cannot ban an assembly. And the likelihood is that the EDL are not stupid and know you cannot ban a march if they are not requesting a march.

“There are legal aspects. We all need to work together in dealing with this potential threat.”

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