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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


1) Islamist Detroyed by Neil Boortz

This is an excellent destruction of an Islamist apologist for terrorism. Neil Boortz asks him a simple question (after the Islamist claimed not to understand Boortz's 'Islamophobia'): Why has not a single Muslim protested or demonstrated against Islamic terrorism? A British critic would never get away with the level of truth and honesty displayed by Neil Bortz. Muslims will never protest against terrorism - jihad! - because it is part of Islam. They may spin words in an Islamic Taqiyya style. That is done for the ears of gullible left-liberals and naively nice people. 'Peace is preparation for war.' 'War is deceit.' (Muhammed) Truce (hudna) is temporary. 'The world is Allah's!'

2) The Islamification of Britain Continues

More honesty about Islam from Americans. Again, we Brits would never get away with this in the mainstream 'Islamophobic' media. The Daily Mail would not even express things this way, despite what Muslims and the far left say. This outside view of the state of Muslim Britain is clearer and more truthful than the majority of inside views of the said situation. Some Brits will only realise something is wrong when they wake up to full sharia law. That may be in the future. But it is still our future.

3) British Muslims Say: 'Kill Geert Wilders!'

British Muslims openly call for the murder of Geert Wilders outside Parliament (where Wilders was due to speak). They were not arrested for their violent and inflamatory words and banners. Only 'Islamophobes' are arrested nowadays. This, nonetheless, is Muslim honesty, rather than the Taqiyya we get from the Tariq Ramadans of this world.

4) Islamic Slavery

Not much is said about Islamic slavery at the London School of Economics, on the BBC, in Socialist Worker, etc. Then again, not much is said about Islamic imperialism by the same kinds of people. This leads you to believe that brown (Muslim) slavery and brown (Muslim) imperialism is morally superior to white (Western) slavery and white (Western) imperialism. This, of course, is itself racist. The Islamic slave trade was massive and massively racist (Arabs versus African blacks). It lasted for hundreds of years and many argue that it still exists today(in places like Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries). It was only officially outlawed in Saudi Arabia in the 1950s, and then only under pressure from the Evil West.

5) The Moderate Inayat Bunglawala (of the MCB) Defends Moderate Saudi Arabia

The ever-so-slimy Idiot 'Taqiyya' Bunglingwalah is honest, for once, about the Muslim Council of Britain's position on the repressive shitehole that is Saudi Arabia. After all, the Saudis are only practising true Islam and being faithful to the Koran. What can be wrong with that?

6) Taqiyya: Lying For Islam

What every non-Muslim should know about Taqiyya - lying, dissimulation, deceit, equivocation, inter-faith meetings, Yaqoobing, slipperiness, etc. for Islam. Therefore what every non-Muslim should know about Islam itself. Taqiyya is not a peripheral aspect of Islam - it is at its heart. Muhammed said that 'War is deceit' and that Taqiyya is essential to both Islam's survival and its expansion. The idea that 'Islam is peaceful' (but only in times of its weakness), goes along with this. Peace and truce (hudna) are simply preparations for jihad or war in Islam. Hamas knows this well. We should too.

7) Salma Yaqoob Trying to Ban the EDL

This woman is dangerous. She portrays herself as a nice moderate. She is very far from being that. Somehow, she is attempting to fuse Islamism and Trotskyism - two very pernicious ideologies. Having said that about fusion, these ideologies do have a lot in common: anti-democratic, absolutist, intolerant, authoritarian, Manichaean, deadly, etc. Here she portrays herself as defending Diversity. Islam and Trotkysim would destroy real diversity. She is really defending Islam from any criticism. Thus she is abiding by a 1,500 year old Islamic tradition of repression and illiberalism, and a 100 year old tradition of Marxist boot-stamping. She is deeply un-English.

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