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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Pakistani member of the EDL speaks out [Jihad Watch]

The English Defence League (EDL), a group standing up against the spread of Sharia and Islamic supremacism in England, is often stigmatized as racist and fascist -- but here again this common tactic of the Left is without substance. Sajid Khan, a Pakistani member of the EDL, kindly sent me this message:

"I am an ex-Muslim and a proud EDL member. I have been to many of their demos, including London. The information about the EDL in the mainstream media has been quite biased and just stupid. For instance, they say that the EDL is "right wing" and "racist". This is wrong, as I am a liberal who supports equal rights for different races, colours, sexualities and religions. This is primarily why I support the EDL.

As an ex-Muslim, who still has to hide this fact from many (if not all) my fellow Muslims including my family, I believe that your average White English Christian pub-going non-halal meat-eating and pork-eating Infidel living in the West is the only liberal voice out there opposing the hordes of violence-supporting backward "right-wing" religious foreigners who come into the West and think that homoseuxals should be tortured and killed, and who think that women must gain their husband's or father's permission to go out for the most basic of things like seeing a doctor for treatment.

These people believe that women who show their faces are "whores" and are "asking for it," and that this justifies rape. They think that "offensive" cartoons drawn of a supposed "prophet" of a certain religion (I'll let you guess that one) should be condemned by all, and that the freedom to draw such cartoons should not be available. These are the same people of the same religion who will not condemn with the same tenacity the heartless and cruel practice of the "honor killing" of women and girls.

Why is this? If the only people in the UK who are making any noise about this culture creeping in slowly are White people (who are the majority), it's only reasonable for everyone else who does not like this Islamic culture to join with them. The EDL had White, Black and mixed raced members from the start. I myself am from a South Asian ancestry, and I have gotten to know many EDL activists. I have been welcomed with open arms at their demos and pubs right from the first one. The EDL may have seen as if it attracts a few football hooligans at a few demos, but what did you expect -- some Beyonce fans and astronauts? Didn't think so!

I am also happy to say that EDL has created a division especially for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, to show that it welcomes all those who will stand against radical islam and for Western civilisation. Its facebook page can be found here.

But the media ignores us. I gave an interview to a British newspaper at an EDL demo but they only published interviews with white members. There was also another Pakistani lad (he's not religious, I think) who gave an interview before me. He is a footy fan and he supports the EDL and said he is against bombing and sharia law. They also didn't mention him."

Of course not. It wouldn't fit their "racist" theme.

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