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Sunday, 27 June 2010

MPACUK Posters on Zionists and the EDL

The responses are in brown.

Submitted by Sandstormer on Fri, 04/06/2010
it has been obvious from the start the the EDL has links with Zionism, the question now is how organised is the links, does it go the CST? JBOD? back to Israel.
These Zio-Nazies have no shame, all we have to do is expose them for the racists that they are.

The logic is quite simple. Call the Israelis or the EDL 'Nazis' and all conversation, all debate, is ended. There is nothing to debate. These people are evil. Full stop. 'No platform for the EDL'. 'No platform for Zionists.' 'No platform for neo-liberals.' 'No platform for Tories.' 'No platform for...' Ad infinitum! These terms, 'Zio-Nazis', 'Israeli criminals' and all the rest are like mantras - they are designed to stop debate and even stop thought itself!

Submitted by Ali Shah on Fri, 04/06/2010
Looks the ZF and CST supporters are targetting MPAC, trying to make out MPAC are wrong for exposing this outrageous collusion between these three racist organisations.
Israel had f***ed up and no their mediocre Zionist PR army in the UK have.
We want clear condemnation of the EDL by both the ZF and the CST.
If that dosent come, then as far as I am concerned, the EDL is a zionist front.

Classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory - ''ZF and CST supporters are targetting MPAC'. Yes; even MPAC. Nothing is beyond these Jews... I mean, Zionists. This graphically shows that anti-Zionism is more of a severe mental condition that it is a political ideology. After all, it is rarely backed up with facts and even less so backed up with any recognisable kind of reasoning.

The EDL being a 'Zionist front' is an accusation which you should expect from just about every anti-Semite/anti-Zionist. They don't need proof, nor evidence - just the existence of the Jews and their nefarious super-intelligence. The Protocals of the Learned Elders of Zion will also come in handy too, as well as Mein Kampf.

Submitted by Ali Shah on Fri, 04/06/2010 -
"Zionist Federation" and "Community Security Trust," Israel's UK militia.

Being Muslims, they see everything in religious terms (e.g., ‘Muslims Against Crusaders’, ‘Christian MPs’) . Being Muslims they also see everything in military terms as well (‘Israel’s UK militia'). The fact that Europe as a whole has moved away from religious monomania and militarism is a fact lost on most Muslims. They judge the West by their own Islamic mindsets. Thus we have ‘Muslim MPs’ and a ‘UK Zionist militia’.

Submitted by Ali Shah on Fri, 04/06/2010
A lot of Jews have been playing the victim card to cover all of their blatant racism and Islamophobia, mainly because people cannot comprehend how a victim becomes the oppresor.
But Israel and its UK supporters including the EDL is proving everyone the truth. And that is the Jewish community are racist and Islamopbic and will work with others racists to protect and promote Israel.

What a strange ‘racist’ society Israel is when it has over two million non-Jews as members of that state. What a strange racist state which allows Arab Muslims into the Knesset and in various courts, including the Supreme Court. What a strange racist state Israel which allows Muslims to form their own political organisations, some of which openly support Hamas. Wouldn’t the South Africans or German Nazis have obliterated these traitors? Of course they would! And why do Jews allow conversions to Judaism on non-Jewish grounds (though this is sometimes difficult and doesn’t often happen)?

This poster mentions racism many times but never justifies or even explains his use of that term. This happens all the time. It shows us that the term ‘racist’ is just used to silence any debate and to achieve specific political ends a lot more quickly.

Submitted by Ali Shah on Fri, 04/06/2010
A bigot is a bigot.
I for one am glad about the open collaboration between the two racist ideologies, it creates more opportunity for every one of us to reach out to people who hate racist and expose the EDL and Zionists for what they are.

It is not racist to be against an Arabophile religion like Islam. If anything, Muslims are often more racist than Westerners, especially in many Arab countries, in which black people and even Muslim Pakistanis are treated very badly. After all, why the stress on the fact that the Koran ‘can only be fully understood in its original Arabic’? Does that mean that Allah is an Arab?

Submitted by About time on Fri, 04/06/2010 - 8:53am.
Muslims saw these scum for the true face of evil that they are. EDL is just a front for Isreal's hatred for all Muslims.
English defence league protecting Israel...

Amazing! The EDL ‘is a front for Israel’s hatred of Muslims’. Not ‘one front’ but ‘a front’. So we wouldn’t have any bad words to say about Islamist terrorists and militants if we hadn’t been brainwashed by the Zionists. Blimey! I didn’t even know I had been brainwashed by Zionists. Have Zionists entered my water supply? Anyway. Thanks for warning or telling me. Hello Akbar!

Does Israel need the EDL to ‘protect it’? Yes and no. The state could do with the odd good word, however. That would help. And we are happy to supply a good word or two about Israel and the Israelis. Yes. We hold up our hands. We also speak out for Iraqi and Pakistani Christians, as well as the black animists and Christians in the Sudan. Not forgetting the Buddhists of southern Thailand. All victims of Islamic jihad. The Israelis are not the only victims. The whole non-Muslim world is a potential victim!

Submitted by Anti isreali on Fri, 04/06/2010 - 9:27am.
The last two comments have obviously come from zionist Jews who pride their time in working for the zionist agenda.
They are highly trained and seek out every internet forum and comment section lambasting israel.
All we can do is just ignor them.
These two are probably admin workers on the payroll of the Board of Deputies, or as mentioned Conservatve friends of Israel.
If anyone can defend zionism, just remember they are infiltrators. not blatant idiots like mad melanie Philips.
In my opinion, ziozists time is running out. Congress has just signed a petition supporting israels' actions. I think the USA will be lft behid in the war to annhilate zionits. as the only super power will be China soon.
Forget America, their almost finished.

Submitted by Shaan on Fri, 04/06/2010 - 1:55pm.
Paulm the fact that the edl and zionists are working together or helping one another is a reality that can be seen from the fact, that these racist bigots have carried israeli flags in their hatefilled demos yet not once have i heard in the media israeli or jewish groups condenming these racist bigots for carrying the israeli flag, yet when they tried to mention british Sikhs were with them ,the sikh community leaders rebutted these racist bigots in the media.
the other fact is that i have been following the edl in the media and their website, recently their website has turned into a islamophobic mirror image of a Zionist run islamophobic website, one further proof that yesterdays victims of Nazis are today's friend of Nazis and their followers in practise.

Submitted by ShadowLite on Fri, 04/06/2010 - 6:26pm.
not suprised really, zionism is just as facist as the EDL.......

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  1. [quote]Being Muslims, they see everything in religious terms (e.g., ‘Muslims Against Crusaders’, ‘Christian MPs’) . Being Muslims they also see everything in military terms as well (‘Israel’s UK militia'). The fact that Europe as a whole has moved away from religious monomania and militarism is a fact lost on most Muslims. They judge the West by their own Islamic mindsets. Thus we have ‘Muslim MPs’ and a ‘UK Zionist militia’.[/quote]

    Muslims view the West through the prism of their own Islamic mindsets, while the useful idiots of the left view the Muslims through the prism of their socialist/marxist mindsets. And never the twain shall meet.