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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

MP accuses 'anti-fascists' of stirring up East End over EDL 'threat' [from the East London Advertiser]

- 16 June 2010, by Mike Brooke

FORMER Labour Government minister Jim Fitzpatrick is accusing anti-fascist campaigners of stirring up fear in London's East End over an aborted march that was planned by the English Defence League this Sunday.

The EDL march was called off after an Islamic conference at Stepney's Troxy venue was cancelled.

But Unite Against Fascism is urging supporters to turn up anyway at Stepney Green Park this coming Sunday for a rally.

That infuriated Mr Fitzpatrick, who told the East London Advertiser this morning: "The EDL are not coming to the East End any more. So much effort was put in by the police and local authority which got the Troxy event pulled.

"Yet 'Unite Against Fascism' is going ahead with its march that will do nothing for the community.

"At best it is causing concern in the community and at worst stirring up fear and anger.

"Why are they not trying to reassure the community? It is dangerous for them to use EDL as a stick to stir up the community."

The Poplar & Limehouse MP is accusing the organisers of using the EDL for their own propaganda when the danger has passed.

Unite Against Fascism's website this-morning says its rally at Stepney Green Park and march to Whitechapel is still going ahead on Sunday "to hammer home the message that the EDL are not welcome in Tower Hamlets.

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