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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Letter to the Birmingham Mail: on the Aid Hamas Flotilla

Dear Editor,

On page 8 of the Birmingham Mail (2nd June) it said that various MPs have ‘backed calls for an an enquiry into the Israeli attack’ on the aid flotilla. The Israelis, of various sources, have already said that an enquiry will take place. This must mean that these MPs will not be happy with an Israeli enquiry into the event. They should be. Israel has the best system of military regulation and legal restraints of their armed forces than any other country in the world, certainly far better than Hamas’s self-regulation and that of every other Arab country. All this is carried out by the Israeli Supreme Court (readers should research this organisation).

The MPs also called it an ‘attack’ rather than an act of defence. What else should the Israelis have done? They are at war with Hamas. They had already called for the flotilla to halt and it ignored the orders. The Israelis had the right to board the ship and check the supplies. And why did they want to do that? Because thousands of rockers, guns and bombs have already been supplied to Hamas by various sea routes. (Incidentally, Egypt has a good land record of stopping the importation of weapons into Gaza , etc.)

As for the word ‘piracy’ which has been bandied about. It is just an example of hyperbolic rhetoric. It is meaningless. Pirates boarded ships specifically to steal cargo and/or kill the passengers, etc. This was hardly what the Israelis were doing. There is another word which is polemically shouted out: ‘massacre’. Nine dead is not a massacre. Over 94 Ahmadiyyas dead, killed by Sunni Muslims in Lahore , Pakistan , last week – that is a massacre! We haven’t heard much about this from MPACK, Salma Yaqoob and the usual suspects. Then again, the Jews… Israelis didn’t kill them.

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  1. By the way it is an Ahmadiyya Mosque you are opposing in Birmingham..