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Friday, 4 June 2010

Is Criticising Israel Anti-Semitic? (Birmingham Mail)

- Letter to the Birmingham Mail, 4th June, 2010

David Branwell (‘Letters’ on Friday) wrote that 'it is not anti-Semitic to criticise Israel’s actions’ over the flotilla incident. Of course it’s not. No Israeli has ever said that it is. (Actually, some Israeli, at some time, might have said that.) What is anti-Semitic is the obsession with Israel’s wrongs at the expense of all the other wrongs committed by far worse states throughout the world. What is anti-Semitic is the fact that a Birmingham councillor, Salma Yaqoob, on her website, has at least six articles in a row about the flotilla incident. (Many of the other articles are also about Gaza.) That’s sounds to me like she’s milking this incident for all its worth. Indeed, there is a lot of evidence that the ‘aid Gaza’ leaders planned this attack and wanted it to happen for publicity purposes. Hamas has been doing the same with the Gazans since 1987. The suffering of the Palestinians has paid Islamist dividends since 1967 and before.

Was there a Birmingham ‘Peace Vigil’ two weeks ago in Birmingham in response to the 90 or more Ahmadiyyas who were killed in Pakistan by Sunni Muslims? That is over 10 times the number who were killed in the flotilla. Were there ever any protests or peace vigils in response to the two million and more dead Christians and animists in southern Sudan in the 1990s and beyond (victims of Muslim Arabs)? I never saw one. Certainly not from Muslims or left wingers.

As with the United Nations, dominated by Muslim/Islamic states and organisations, Israel is debated almost every week. The Sudan, Somalia, southern Thailand, etc., even between all of them, have hardly ever been debated by the United Nations, Muslim organisations or left-wing groups.

That is what I mean by ‘anti-Semitism’. That neurotic and damned creepy obsession with the Jews and the state of Israel..

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