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Thursday, 24 June 2010

EDL Jewish Division succeeds in disrupting Islamist conference [International Civil Liberties Alliance]

- By Aeneas • on June 23, 2010

This last weekend, the Jewish Division of the EDL provided the impetus behind the EDL’s latest operation against Islamism in the English city of London. ‘Londinistan’ was the setting for an Islamist conference and the EDL stood up for the true values of Britain by opposing it. It is great to see the anti-sharia resistance organising so effectively in England and standing firm against attempts to impose this dehumanising system on the British people. Of course the British establishment are greatly sympathetic to the pro-sharia brigade which they continue to indulge and appease rather than oppose.

Jews, Gentiles, Hindus, and Sikhs should join with the EDL in its efforts to oppose sharia and all it stands for. The EDL is the only group in the UK that has any real hope of succeeding in opposing the spread of the brutal, barbaric, dehumanising, and iniquitous system of Islamic law. People in Sudan understand the significance of sharia and the associated second class status of non-Muslims. It is surely time that the people of Great Britain educate themselves about this system that is growing in their midst and which appears to be supported and sustained by their own political…‘leaders’. British politicians should all officially repudiate sharia before they stand for election or suffer the consequences at the ballot box. If they do not actively oppose sharia, it should be assumed that they support it.

Briton’s never, never, will be slaves to Allah, whatever the wicked machinations, and political intrigues of their political rulers dictate!

The following article about the recent exploits of the EDL is posted at their website:

EDL Jewish Division Leads Protest Against Islamist Conference

"So the authorities apparently tried to hoodwink the EDL as one London borough banned the Islamist conference last Sunday and another took up the torch of Islamism and allowed it after all! We’ll, I suppose the EDL should consider such duplicity in future when it is debating whether to cancel pre-arranged events. The EDL showed good faith and great restraint by rolling back its plans for a demonstration only to have this good faith thrown back in its face. Can we ever trust the overtures of the ‘powers that be’ ever again?

"Perhaps the Islamists and their lackeys in the British ruling ‘elite’ underestimated the EDL’s dynamism and ability to adapt to new conditions and reorganise at very short notice, for we managed to oppose the Islamists anyway. The EDL presence on Sunday was led by the newly formed Jewish Division and backed up with the might of local Divisions who took part with distinction in this highly Islamised area of London. Local divisions stood shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish brothers and sisters to make sure that the 1500 strong Islamist conference at the Hilton Metropol was opposed and disrupted. In so doing, they demonstrated the strength of our resolve and the expert coordination of our diverse but unified membership.

"As the usual aggressive Islamist chanting echoed across the London streets EDL activists, many of them women, looked the Islamists in the eye and faced them down. British women, on the whole, will never bow and scrape at the feet of the overbearing male Islamists or bow to Allah – they have too much self respect. They like their freedom, their independence, their equality, and their full and active role in the decision making and leadership of our great country. Submission to sharia norms is simply not going to happen – establishment take note!

"Of course there were non-Muslim sympathisers effectively demonstrating in favour of sharia on Sunday, the usual hippie brigades who I would guess only support Islam because they think it is a threat to the Western Civilisation that they so despise. I wonder if any of them has ever took the time to think of the plight of Christians in Muslim lands, of the fate of apostates who leave Islam only to be threatened in life and limb, of the women have the status of half a man under sharia law, of gay men who are hanged for their love, of people stoned to death, beheaded and brutalised? Perhaps they should do a bit of reading, then they might realise how ridiculous they look when they come out to oppose those of us who value freedom, equality and justice. Perhaps the media and political establishment is to blame for their lack of common sense and reason. After all these elements of the state and the establishment seem all too willing to demonise, defame, stigmatise, and stir up hatred of the EDL. I would guess that those with real power in Britain are laughing at the willingness of many on the political left to act in such a docile and unthinking manner – perfect citizens for the New World Order.

"The unthinking tunnel vision of some of our opponents, who are drawing people on the political left away from their self interest, knows no bounds. It was quite remarkable that following a report of the stabbing of a left wing demonstrator by an Islamist, all these opponents could think of was making the EDL, and not the violent knife wielder concerned, somehow responsible for this vile act of brutality. What sort of warped logic do they expect people on what is traditionally regarded as the political left to take on board? Perhaps the stabbing took place because the perpetrator thought the victim looked different. The left claims to stand up for anti racism but when one of their own supporters is the victim of it, they try to explain it away.

"On another matter, it is outrageous that EDL supporters were apparently arrested for nothing while the Islamists were free to spew their venom and hate at anything non-Islamic. Business as usual in servile dhimmie Britain where the police seem to act as simple sharia enforcers. But those on the left who oppose us and their own real interests will perhaps be on the receiving end of such unjust treatment when they inevitably rock the establishment boat in their own way. If we follow our Government’s lead with regard to Islamism then perhaps we should get used to it and get used to the second class status of dhimmitude if were are not Muslims. After all the government obviously wants a compliant population and perhaps they think that Islamists will help break the proud and stubborn British people.

"Thankfully Britain will never be an Islamic state, not because we engage in the warped wishful thinking of our political elite but because we will stand up today and say no, never, no surrender! Our protest against this conference, which as far as we can see is nothing more than an Islamist festival, is one of the many ways we are standing up and saying no. As people who have been following the EDL will know, we are strong all over the country, we are everywhere, and we can mobilise at short notice whenever Islamic hate preachers or sharia proponents try to subvert the British state and erode our cherished freedoms. We will be ever vigilant and we will never surrender!"

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