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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

EDL claims Sikh support for Harrow Protest [from the Pub Philosopher blog]

- 16th August, 2009

It looks as though the bank holiday weekend, two weeks from now, will be a lively time. The self-styled British Defence League, which organised the anti-Islam demo in Birmingham last week, is planning to return to the city on the Sunday. The day before, the group is organising a demo against a Sharia court in Harrow. Perhaps feeling the need to bolster its non-racist credentials and its manpower, the League claims to have the support of some Sikhs for the latter event. If this is true, things could get very nasty. Harrow is but a short hop from Southall, which has a large Sikh community and Slough, which has a large Muslim one. Anyone who wants to settle a few religious scores, or who just fancies a Saturday afternoon punch-up and a bit of robbing, will jump on the tube to Harrow.

The evidence from last weekend's protest in Birmingham seems to indicate that many youths turned up not to protest but to use the general chaos as cover for street robberies. The police, it seems, were taken by surprise and there have been claims that their numbers in the city centre were depleted because of the over-policing of the Hells Angels' festival, also held last weekend just outside Birmingham.

According to this letter from an anti-fascist demonstrator, Unite Against Fascism activists agitated the crowd but then completely lost control of the resulting mayhem. This comment quoted on Laban Tall's blog is telling:

"The majority of the people who were attacked were random passers by. The “fash” as you call them had long gone by then. If you were a White male passing by the crowd you were going to get a kicking. There was even a foreign White guy who made the mistake of taking pictures of what was going on and he was attacked in front of his young baby who was left unprotected in its pram. Granted the majority of the attacks were not as brutal as the pictures on the Daily Mail Website but i still don’t think it should have happened. Ironically the UAF scarpered when they saw what was beginning to happen with the ethnic minority youths attacking innocent White passers by....."

It brings to mind the demonstrations in Paris a few years ago. There were the French leftie students, out protesting against their horrid fascist government for suggesting that people should perhaps work a bit harder, when a large number of Muslim youths turned up. But, to the surprise and shock of the lefties, who had assumed that the immigrants were on their side, the youths did not want to join their protest at all. They just wanted to beat up the students and nick their phones and iPods.

As I said at the time:

"This must all be very confusing for the French dribbling liberal-lefties (yes, they have them over there too). Haven't they always campaigned for the rights of the Arab and African immigrants? Aren't they all on the same side against the imperialist bourgeoisie? It appears not. It seems that a lot of them were just out to thump a few 'little whites' and to steal a few phones."

I wonder if similar thoughts were going through the heads of the boys and girls from the UAF as they high-tailed it out of Brum last Saturday afternoon.

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