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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The EDL and Sikhs in Leicester [tbc]

- by tbc

I’ve spent a long time in Leicester and I have many close friends who are Sikh. I’m yet to come across one that doesn't have a dislike for Muslims. It’s a deep rooted subject for many Sikhs and Hindus - passed on through the generations. And the way that the majority Muslims live in Leicester is disgusting - and all by their own merit. Leicester is a nice city where integration has worked well and it is common to speak to a 50+ Indian man and he will speak with an English accent and he will live his life the Western way and class himself as British.

If the EDL can rid themselves of the backward racists, and not just tolerate them being there for the strength of numbers, then the true freedom fighters will shine through.

I’m a young, intelligent and fearless British man and I know many just like me who will fight tooth and nail for our beliefs and principles - whether that be with our brains or our brawn. However, we do not want to be fighting next to these glory-hunting racists who have jumped on the bandwagon of the most important political group of the last 30 years.

I’ve lived in Manchester, Leicester and now currently Nottingham. And 95% of the people who I speak to share the same views as me - and that’s blacks, whites and Indians. In fact my missus is black and holds the same views as me. But I wouldn't feel comfortable taking her to an EDL march because of the retards who ruin it.

Ban them so-called supporters and fight along side the intelligent average man and watch the heroes gain our rights back.

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