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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The British 'Aid Workers' on the Flotilla - Nearly All Muslim

If it was really 'just an aid issue', and about 'humanitarian care', why were 98% of the British flotilla passengers Muslim? Indeed, why were 98% of them Islamists (the rest were Trots)? If British aid workers went to help survivers, etc. in, say, Tibet, would 98% of them be Buddhists?

In addition, it almost goes without saying that almost none of the Muslim 'aid workers' would aid anyone else but fellow Muslims. That is, don't expect to find the same Muslims (and Trots) in places like the Sudan, others parts of Africa or even helping out flood victims in the Yorkshire Dales. The only people who truly suffer are Muslims. More precisely, no group suffers more than the Palestinians. And that's official! The suffering of the Palestinians is mythic and a source of copious propaganda and university periodicals. Without the Suffering Palestinians, where would the Islamists and Trots be?

But what about the suffering Copts, Ahmadiyyas, Buddhists (in Tibet and southern Thailand), Christians (in Pakistan, Iraq and Hamas's Palestine), etc? No. Only Muslim suffering matters because the Islamists maked it matter! It is this phony but useful victimhood which is one of the prime sources of the jihad.

The List of British 'Aid Workers' on the Flotilla

Laura Macdonald Stuart
Ebrahim Musaji (Muslim)
Jamal Sayed (Muslim)
Parveen Yaqub (Muslim)
Baboo Adem Zanghar (Muslim)
Ahsan Shamruk (Muslim)
Mustafa Cengiz Ahmet (Muslim)
Tauqir Sharif (Muslim)
Boudejma Bounoua (Muslim)
Mohammad Bounoua (Muslim)
Sakir Yildirim (Muslim)
Kenneth O'Keefe
Ali El-Awaisi (Muslim)
Mohammed Bhaiyat (Muslim)
Lort Phillips Alexandra Mary
Sarah Nancy Colborne
Ismail Adam Patel
Nader Daher (Muslim)
Mahi Mohammed Abid (Muslim)
Nur-E-Azom Choudhury (Muslim)
Kevin Ovenden (hard-core Trot)
Peter Venner
Clifford Gardner Hanley
Muzzammil Layth Chogley (Muslim)
Jamaluddin Mohammad Farid Elshayyal (Muslim)
Hassan Al Banna Ghani (Muslim)
Lazrag Salah (Muslim)
Ali Altan (Muslim)


  1. Many of the above are neither Muslims nor 'Trots'. Including this correspondent. Who is also not English.

  2. All the Asians on the list are Muslim. There are only seven non-Muslims on the list. One of whom I would certainly class as a Trot or perhaps an IslamoTrot - Kevin Ovendon, of Respect. I have never heard of the others or yourself. I would bet that most are far left; even if not in their own words.

    The monomania with the 'crimes' of Israel is the penchant of only three types: the extreme Right, the extreme Left and extreme Islamists.If you do not fall into any of these three categories, then you must excuse me.

  3. I have just seen your website. It seems that you have Israel/Jew monomania very bad. Some Israelis say that 'criticising Israel is not anti-Semitic, but singling it out for extra-special criticism is'. I would say that the Left's monomania with Israel is indeed anti-Semitic. What else could it be?

    Have you even heard of southern Sudan and its problems? What about southern Thailand? The Philippines? What's happening in the Congo? The Christian persecutions in Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and by beloved Hamas itself.

    Take off your mono-lenses and see that there are other far worse outrages that are happening in this world. Do not be a poodle for the homosexual knee-cappers, Hamas.

  4. Incidentally, that 'mistaken' list above is not actually my own. It was copied and pasted from the Respect website. So they have mistakenly called you 'British', not me.