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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Birmingham 'Peace Vigil' in Support of Hamas

(The Rev Ray Gaston, looking silly in dreadlocks. To his right, Salma Yaqoob.)

I decided to attend the Birmingham ‘Peace Vigil’ which was supposed to be a response to the Aid Hamas incident off the shores of Gaza. I too wanted to do my bit for peace by telling people the truth about Hamas and other Islamists. It was supposedly organised by a Christian inter-faith organisation, but probably owed more to the work of Salma Yaqoob and the Rev Ray Gaston of Respect.

Shortly after I arrived, the scene was surreal. Yaqoob reciting prayers next to Anglicans and Methodists. Pure Taqiyya on her part. Both Trot Taqiyya and Islamist Taqiyya. I wonder if such inter-faithing ever happens in Yaqoob's ancestral home of Pakistan? What about Hamas’s Gaza? Of course not! The only inter-faithing Hamas does is of the violent kind. Persecuting Christians and burning down their churches. As for Pakistan. Sunni Muslims inter-faith with knives and bombs.

Here in the UK, Muslims have not got the power to carry out a blatant jihad. Thus they go to inter-faith vigils like this and spread the Islamist word instead. Yaqoob and the Islamists are patiently waiting for the day that they have real power here in the UK. Then there be no more inter-faith meetings. Then all religions except Islam will be destroyed. Look at Islamic history. Look at the Islamic world around you. You don’t need conspiracy theories, just read the Hamas Charter. There it all is - in black and white.

Most of the other protesters looked like university lecturers/professors or Guardian journalists, except for the men of the cloth, that is.

The Rev Ray Gaston (who ‘lived a year as a Muslim’, is a member of Respect and who is an ‘Inter-Faith Enabler’) tried to move me on and got quite aggressive about it. He said that I was on ‘cathedral property’. He didn’t move the SWP on or the other Trotskyites who were selling their wares at the ‘peace vigil’.

The Socialist Workers Party was there selling Socialist Worker. The front page headline was:

‘Rise Up Against Israel.’

Peace? Oh yeh!

The Rev Ray Gaston, the others in the vigil, and the Trots all refused to debate a single word with me. A SWP Robo-Trot kept on calling me a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘follower of Hitler’. How pathetic! How infantile. How SWP. He took piss out of me for being a ‘Coke drinker’. Can you believe these leftist snobs? Is it because Coke is American? He’d like Coke too if it were made by Hamas or Hezbollah.

The wardens tried to move me on at first. I asked about the Trots and the headline: ‘Rise up against Israel.’ She agreed with me and went to talk to one of them. Then another Trot got aggressive with the warden and threatened to phone her superiors. She told me that he’s a well-known ‘trouble maker’ in Birmingham.

They left me in the end. So I stood there with my two A4-size banners. One said:

The EDL supports Israel against the Hamas killers.

The other said:

The “aid” leaders planned the attack. They wanted to be attacked – so events like this could happen. Hamas and IHH are arms of the Global Jihad.

Later the police, rather than the wardens, arrived. They quickly realised that I wouldn’t be any trouble and said that it was not their business to move me on. One of them said that I had a right to protest (or counter-protest).

One of the vigil organisers even warned two young black boys from talking to me. According to one of the lads, she told them that she was ‘concerned for their safety’. Oh yes! She was concerned that the boys would get an alternative account of things. That’s what really ‘concerned’ her. The lads just laughed at her. They knew that it was bullshit. They had more in common with me than they did with a Madeline Bunting look-alike.

*) Just a little taster of Birmingham's Interfaith Enabler, the Rev Ray Gaston:

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  1. Very well done mate for standing up to those sick clowns. I can imagine the uneasy in the room when they discovered somebody amongst them actually had the audacity to offer a different point of view.

    As for, "I'll only complain and use gullible people to further my own personal agenda' Yaqood, she just becomes more laughable every time she opens her big mouth.

    The more I read and hear of the ridiculous oafs of the SWP, the more I detest these people. They are nothing short of an embarrassment to all Englishmen. Please post the in advance the next meeting of these lemmings, and I shall turn up with a bucket of hot tar, and a sack of feathers.