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Monday, 7 June 2010

Bias in Favour of Israel?

- Letter to the Birmingham Mail, 7.6.2010

D Patel, in Monday’s Birmingham Mail (Letters), said that when ‘an Israeli soldier is wounded by a stone thrown by a Palestinian child, it makes headline news’. Really? That is an incredible statement. Does D Patel live in an alternative universe? I would say that the ‘western media’, as Patel puts it, has never made a story about a single stone-throwing. It couldn’t even if it wanted to. Palestinian children, and adults, are throwing stones at Israelis all the time. (Incidentally, there is a very long tradition of Arab stone-throwing at Jews which predates the creation of Israel by hundreds of years.)

As for media bias in favour of Israel. The exact opposite is the case. The other week, over 90 Ahmadiyyas were slaughtered in Lahore, Pakistan, by Sunni Muslims. When the news came through, the BBC spent at the most two minutes on this. In the case of the aid flotilla incident, in which more than a hundred times less people were killed than in Lahore, the BBC spent over ten minutes on this item. And generally, the media has bombarded us with the aid incident.

Yes, D patel is right, Hamas was (sort of) elected in 2005. (So were Hitler and the Nazi Party in 1933.) Two years later, in the putsch of Summer 2007, it effectively got rid of all its enemies and political opponents through gun battles and other unsavoury means. It is now on its way to creating a totalitarian Islamic state.

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  1. Patel is cleary deranged if he seriously believes the media to be pro Isreali. What a nonsense!