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Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Victory For the EDL and the British?

The Dudley Muslim Association was forced to listen to the voices of 50,000 protesters? How terrible! That’s 50,000 Islamophobes by my counting. 50,000 evil and nasty Fascist Bigots and Bigoted Fascists. If only these 50,000 plebs had read the Guardian more and listened to the student radicals of Birmingham University. They don’t have a firm grip on reality, as we do. They don’t appreciate the wonders of Embracing Diversity. They must all be against Community Cohesion. Perhaps if we dropped 50,000 copies of Socialist Worker from a helicopter onto Dudley that would change the 50,000 minds. Or perhaps there is no hope for these Racist Bigots. And as for the working-class EDL! They do smell a bit. I prefer the smell of coriander myself.

Just think about it. Up until now, the views of 50,000 people had been ignored. Ignored by whom? By a posh bureaucrat down Bristol way and an even posher High Court judge. Yes, they know what’s good for the people of Dudley. And what’s good for them is yet more Diversity and yet more Community Cohesion. Of course, a professional in Bristol and a High Court judge are bound to know what’s best for the people of Dudley. I mean. Many of them can’t even read.

Was this volte-face a direct result of the EDL’s good work in Dudley? Of course it was! The EDL showed everyone the strength of the British people and, more specifically, the feelings of those in Dudley. It is always said that the EDL ‘does not represent everyone in Dudley’. Of course it doesn’t! No party or position represents everyone anywhere. In that sense, then, the EDL is no different from the Conservative and Labour parties. However, you can be damn sure that the EDL represents more people than Unite Against Fascism and the Dudley Muslim Association. But, again, I’m sure that there will be a few suicidal liberals or Trots who would be prepared to swallow Islam whole in order to prove some ideological point about Diversity and Community Cohesion. These people would defend Diversity and Community Cohesion until the day they are hung by the neck for being ‘infidel scum’. And even with the noose firmly around their necks they will still shout, ‘Embrace Diversity!’

The 65 ft minaret would have been a two-finger salute to the infidels of Dudley. A way of saying to the kafir: We are here whether you like it or not! Well, the people of Dudley didn’t like it. So 50,000 of them signed a petition against the building of the super-mosque. Then the EDL came. It proved that the British people aren’t the pacifist naïve fools that many Muslims take them to be. Yes, the British people, on the whole, don’t live and breath religion and politics, as many Muslims and Trots do. But push them too hard or expect too much from them, then the British Lion will roar. As it has in this case!

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