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Saturday, 15 May 2010

UAF, Assed Baig and Other Outsiders in Dudley

[President Assed Baig, of Staffordshire
University. He runs 'anti-racist' day courses, the
Centre For Community Cohesion and Islamic
Da' wah and is an Embrace Diversity and Muslims

Isn’t it funny how UAF, as well as regional journalists, always stress the fact that English Defence League demos (against militant Islam and the Dudley mosque) involve what they call ‘outsiders’? What they systematically forget to also mention are the outsiders who get involved with the various counter-demos in the guise of the UAF-SWP and other organisations. As everyone knows, every SWP member is from London. They tend to live in places like Walthamstow and Hackney; though many were actually brought up in quaint Home Counties villages. (This is meant to be only partly ironic.) When the SWP is talking to itself, as it were, it's quite honest about its outsider status.

For example, the recent Dudley ‘counter protest’ was mainly organised by Assed Baig, the president of Staffordshire University Student Union. So I don’t suppose he had too far to travel to Dudley… and he is a Muslim, after all. The other outsiders were the two or three ‘trade unionists’ who ‘joined the Asian community’ (that is, the Muslim community). Trade unionists, of course, are acceptable outsiders, unlike the blatantly white and blatantly working class members of the EDL.

I also love the way UAF, as well as regional and national journalists, consistently refer to Muslims as ‘Asians’. As if anyone should lump together Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim yobs with the Chinese or with Indians. They use phrases like ‘Asian people’. There's a good reason for this. Or, I should say, there's a reason why UAF does this. If they say ‘Asian people’, rather than ‘Muslims’, they can turn the whole thing into a racial rather than a religious or cultural thing. You see Trots like things to be as black and white as possible because their delicate little minds cannot cope with any form of complexity. Despite the reality, Trots tend to think that their politics is more sophisticated than the average person's. After all, everyone who's not a Trot, an Islamist or an IslamoTrot, simply must have had his or her political views entirely ‘manufactured’ by the platonic Media or whatever ('cos Chomsky says so). But all that sophistication really amounts to is that they're revolutionary socialists and most people aren't revolutionary socialists. Thus they confuse their contrarianism with sophistication. It's really a simple form of adolescent rebellion taken into adulthood or into the three years of university.

To repeat. It's much easier for UAF to accuse the EDL of being ‘racist’ than it is to accuse it of being ‘anti-Islamism’ or ‘anti-sharia law’. Everyone is against racism and fascism. Thus UAF can gain plenty of converts in its war against the EDL. However, if it were all a matter of Islam, or, more specifically, sharia law, death for apostasy, death by stoning, forced marriages, Islamic imperialism and expansionism, Arabocentrism, and the rest, then not that many people outside these tiny Trot circles would be in the slightest bit interested in joining the war against the EDL. In fact quite the opposite. If people heard the truth about the EDL, as well as the truth about sharia law and militant Islam, more and more people would be joining and supporting the EDL. And this is precisely what UAF doesn’t want. Thus it's a matter of urgent necessity that they lie to the people and say that the EDL is racist and not at all simply anti-militant Islam and anti-sharia law. As I've said, the simpler things sound the better it is for UAF and all the other tiny Trotskyist minds which mistake their contrarianism for political sophistication.

The SWP Report on Dudley

It says in this particular SWP ‘report’(more fairy tale) that ‘people’, or Muslims, "were furious that their religious practices and beliefs were being caricatured" by Snowy and Leon of the EDL. I’m not quite sure how playing Islamic chant alone could be classed as ‘caricature’. Unless the caricature automatically follows from the fact that these infidels or kuffar dared to play Islamic chant or calls-to-prayer. Anyway. It's nice to see hard-core Trotskyites defending religion (well, Islam really). This is a very long Trotskyite tradition which goes all the way back to about 2001 or even later. This was the time when the SWP finally realised, although deep down they always knew in their heart of hearts, that the working class simply didn’t want to be led to revolution by an elite middle-class ‘vanguard’ (i.e., the SWP). Thus the SWP changed horses and started "tapping into the revolutionary potential" of Muslims, as the SWP’s own Chris Molyneux once put it. The rest is history.

I also like the SWP term ‘activists’ when all they really mean is "Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim hooligans of the sell-crack-and-heroin-to-the-white-kuffar variety’. These brown yobs have as much political nous as Jordan. Actually, I suppose they are activists, if not political activists. After all, carrying base-ball bats, knives, hardened or sharpened chapattis, and whatever, as well as running through the streets of Dudley looking for the white kuffar to beat up or knife, is pretty active - perhaps even politically active. Stabbing and beating are political activisms which many Muslim ‘youths’ are keen on. It’s small-time jihad really. A preparation for the Greater Jihad… you know, bombs, infidel limbs flying through the air and all that Islamic manly stuff.

Assed Baig

One name that EDL members should note is Assed Baig. Assed Baig is the president of Staffordshire University Student Union. He's made quite a name for himself in the tiny circles of anti-racist Islamophilia. In fact, from the little I know about him, other students at the said university are trying their hardest to get this IslamoTrot trouble-maker sacked because of his blatant political machinations. But it seems that democracy doesn’t work when it comes to Muslims. That is, if you try to sack a Muslim you're automatically an "Islamophobe". Even if you speak to a Muslim in a loud voice you are, apparently, a Racist Bigot or Fascist Bigot. Thus President Assed Baig has become a kind of untouchable – and all simply because he’s a Muslim!

*) Reference from Socialist Worker:


  1. Excellent post. Your analysis of the SWP position is spot on. I'll look out for more mentions of Assed Baig - this Muslim 'luminary' in the making - in the months ahead.

    1. Come on give me a break, like it would make a difference for you nazi s if tomorrow all muslims would disappear and indians, chinese or roma (gypsies) take their place

    2. Tell me honestly, do you call all your political opponents 'Nazi'? Does that mean you don't have to debate with them? In fact, does that mean you don't have to think about these things at all?

      Why am I a Nazi? Show me something I've written which makes me a Nazi. Don't show me words which are critical of Islam and Muslims - show me words which make me a Nazi. Do you understand that?

      I don't have any problems whatsoever with Indians and Chinese if they come here. Does that cause problems for you lack of an argument? If they contribute and don't groom, bomb or agitate for alternative laws - there's no problem.

      If you want me to be a Nazi or racist to make your 'argument' simpler, well I won't play. Try thinking about these issues for a change.