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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Racism and Descrimination Towards the White English [by Mjollnir]

- by Mjollnir

In todays Britain the people of England, and specifically those ethnic English people, are the subject of discrimination headed by Westminster.

The media and the majority of political parties support this discrimination through their refusal to address discrimination.

There are TWO areas of discrimination:

1. DEVOLUTION. Discrimination against all the people living in England.

New Labour supported by the rest of Westminster have brought about a situation where:
Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are self governed in the interests of those nations.
Scotland is now governed by the Scots for the Scots. Wales for the Welsh by the Welsh. And
Ireland by the Irish for the Irish. England is constantly refused equal treatment and is instead governed by the British for the British.

An English parliament would see an end to the unfair BARNETT FORMULA, where more money is spent 'per person' on the Scots, Welsh and Irish then is spent on the English per person. This is why the Welsh have FREE PRESCRIPTIONS and Scotland is to have FREE PRESCRIPTIONS for all later this year. This is why Scotland has FREE STUDANT GRANTS.
This is why these nations get medication REFUSED to English patients.

Why wont WESTMINSTER allow England its own parliament? Because Scotland and Wales are voting more and more for nationalist parties (SNP and PLAID CYMRU) rather then the old unionist parties. Westminster would be closed down within 12 months of their being an English parliament and parties such as the English Democrats would take greater votes.

The CONservatives have tried to buy English nationalists with the policy of English Votes on English Laws (EVoEL). But how is this fair? If its good enough for the English then why wasnt it good enough for the Scots, Welsh and Irish???

Discrimination is discrimination. There is nothing 'positive' about discrimination if you are the one discriminated against.

So when someone claims the EDL are racist then ask them if they agree with an English parliament? If not, then they are the racists.

2. POSITIVE DISCRIMIANTION. Discrimination against the ethnic English:

In 2001 the Commission for Racial Equality (now the Equality and Human Rights Commission) funded a survey into Black and Minority Ethnic (BME)organizations. The survey found that there existed OVER 5500 BME organizations in Britain.

Is Miss Great Britian a racist organization? No! Sexist maybe but certainly not why do we need a Miss BLACK Great Britian?

Is the Housing federation racist? No! In fact many white English consider that ethnic minorities get better treated then they do. Trevor Phillips of the EHRC actually mentioned this concern in several interviews. So why do we need a Black Housing Federation?

Would the '100 Great WHITE Britains' be considered racist? Yes. But it appears that no one considers '100 Great Black Britians' to be racist:

Would a WHITE student campaign be considered racist? Yes. But its OK to have a BLACK student campain:

Would the Labour, Conservative or LibDems be considered racist if they tried to appeal to the WHITE voters? Yes they would. But before the last election they all tried to win BLACK votes by speaking at the Operation BLACK Vote rally in London:

There are THOUSANDS of BLACK organizations. The last count of OVER 5500 was in 2001 - that's NINE years ago.

The politicains and media have branded the EDL as racist. Why don't they brand these organisations as racist also?

Racism, according to the Race Relation Act, is:

'where one person recieves less preferential treatment to another on racial grounds, colour is considered a racial ground.'

So why are the EDL racist but these thousands of BLACK organizations considered OK? Why dont the media do documentaries on these racists?

Discrimination is discrimination. There is no such thing as positive discrimination if your the one discriminated against.

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