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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hate Crimes in Dorset

Have you heard the term ‘hate crimes’? Muslims in Dorset have been encouraged to report them, whatever they are. Indeed Dorset Race Equality Council has advised Dorset Police Diversity Development Managers (I’m out of breath!) to advise Muslims to report hate crimes ‘no matter how small’ they are.

I hate the term ‘hate crime’. What a ridiculous example of PC-speak. It was probably cooked up in the Office during a ‘team-building day’. Nauseating!

What is a ‘hate crime’? Saying that Islam ‘is a death-cult and a killers’ religion’? That may be too strong. What about saying that Islam ‘is a bad religion’? What about factual statements such as ‘Mohammed had sex with a 9-year-old girl’? Or ‘Mohammed exterminated the Banu Qurayza Jewish tribe (the dead amounted to between six and nine hundred men) and was recorded to have personally beheaded up to 900 people’? Are these statements hate crimes?

Let’s not tell any fairy tales here. Any criticism of Islam is a ‘hate crime’ to every Muslim. Thus ‘hate crime’ legislation will help enforce a case of the totalitarianism of the mind, which in turn will effectively prohibit any and all criticism of Muslims qua Muslims, the Koran and Mohammed the Paedophile… sorry, the Prophet.

It’s all jobs-worth any road. Take the case of Adnan Chaudry. (Any relation? He’s got a mother.) He’s the Chief Officer of the Dorset Race Equality Council, and you can be guaranteed that he’ll come up with at least eight ‘hate crimes’ before each lunchtime. And the more he is paid, the more hate crimes he’ll be sure to discover.

Then Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC) will need to employ yet more anti-racists to deal with this new deluge of hate crimes. Thus Chaudry may then give new jobs to his brothers or to his mates. And all the time the definition of a ‘hate crime’ will be broadened to make more acts, and even thoughts, illegal. In no time at all, non-Muslims will be arrested for farting outside mosques or for misspelling ‘Eid’ in a council office. Dorset Race Equality Council itself says that ‘even minor incidents should be reported to the authorities’. It would say that, wouldn’t it? Jobs-worth! I would love to know what it means by a ‘minor incident’. Actually, I would love to know what its means by a ‘major hate crime’. Not handling the Koran without gloves on, as is the Islamic requirement on non-Muslims?

I’m sure that Stalin’s secret police, or the East German Stasi, kept themselves busy with people’s hate crimes or, in their case, ‘crimes against the people’ (i.e., crimes against the state). All Government setups tend to grow in size and power and thus become bureaucracies. That is, before other people on the outside come to realise that they are manufacturing their own ‘hate crimes’ or whatever the alternative happens to be.

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