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Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Guardian Against the EDL

[Azzam Tamini, Islamist, defender of Hamas and writer for the Guardian; alongside George 'look no panties' Galloway, exhibitionist, defender of Hamas and Islamist. Say no more!]

Everyone knows that the Guardian is far left. This does not mean that every contributor to the Guardian is far left. It does mean that the central editorial core and message is nearly always far left in nature. What many people don’t also know is how many hard-core Islamists regularly write for the Guardian. The List includes: Salma Yaqoob, Faisal Bodi, Inayat Bunglawala, Dr Azzam Tammini and so on. This should show everyone where the Guardian is coming from when it writes about the EDL and many other matters in this area.

This Guardian article begins with a sub-title which tells us that the EDL is 'targetting' what it calls 'racially sensitive' areas. What the Jesus H. Cor’bett does the phrase ‘racially sensitive’ mean? It’s not even grammatically sensitive. In any case, the Groanian means Islamically sensitive really. I tell you, there aren't many blacks, Sikhs, Hindus, Chinese, etc. in places like Manningham in Bradford or in the other Muslim ghettos of the North West. I know it works for the Groanian to makes these things racial, but they’re not. They are about Islamism, sharia law and whatnot. Sorry about that, but it happens to be true.

I like the way the Guardian says that the EDL ‘staged a number of violent protests in towns and cities’ as if this was the intent of the demos – violence. Not sharia law violence, or Islamist violence, etc. No. Only EDL violence. EDL violence pales into insignificance when compared to the carnage wreaked by Islamism throughout the world every single day. (Yesterday, over 80 Ahmadiyyas were gunned down by Sunni lunatics.) I’m not saying that there hasn’t been any violence on these demos. There has. But couldn’t this Guardian journalist bring himself to mention what the EDL believes just one single time in his article? It seems not. All he is bothered about is EDL ‘violence’ and EDL ‘racism’. Nothing more. Nothing less. True and insightful Guardian journalism at its very best, eh?

Bradford South MP, Gerry Sutcliff, puts in his own penny’s worth of shit on the issue. He’s an MP in Bradford. That is, he’s an MP and he’s from Bradford. Put those two things together and you get:

‘It is an agenda of hate … designed to stir up trouble.’

That’s all it is? It’s not even a tiny, tiny bit about sharia law, Islamic terrorism, the rise of Islamism, etc? These issues are non-issues are they? They are to Labour MPs. But not to very many British and European people. Which world is Gerry Sutcliff living in. The Diversity Dream World?

He must also be the most popular and representative MP in the country because he says, on the people of Bradford’s behalf, that the ‘people of Bradford will want no part of it’. Is that every single Bradfordian, Gerry? Even the Bradford Division of the EDL? Even the hundreds who have been beaten up by Muslim gangs? Even the Bradfordians who are concerned about the police hands-off policy towards Muslims? Even those who are sick of Pakistani Muslims selling crack and heroin to white people and grooming young white girls and Sikh girls? The Diversity Dream World is what it is – a dream world.

The Guardian then has the decency to say that the EDL is gaining support from the armed forces. Yet it does so in a conspiratorial manner. As if it's automatically a bad thing that many in the armed forces support the EDL. Apparently, the EDL has an ‘online armed forces division’ with 842 members. In addition, many soldiers are attending EDL demos. The Guardian even quotes an EDL spokeswomen, whose husband is a serving soldier. She said:

‘The soldiers are fighting Islamic extremism in Afghanistan and Iraq and the EDL are fighting it here… Not all the armed forces support the EDL but a majority do.’


*) The EDL is a big thing. And it is getting bigger by the day. Even those who hate us realise this now. Take Nick Lowles of Searchlight. He, of course, sees the growth of the EDL as a very sinister thing. He said:

What we are seeing now is the most serious, most dangerous, political phenomenon that we have had in Britain for a number of years. With EDL protests that are growing week in, week out, there is a chance for major disorder and a major political shift to the right in this country.’

At least Searchlight is showing its true colours. Nick Lowles doesn’t say that there is ‘a major political shift to the far right in this country’. He says this same about the ‘right’, not the far right. Thus Searchlight is not only against the far right or fascists, it is also against anything right wing, from the Conservative Party to God knows what else. We should, I suppose, worry about what else these extreme leftists are against.

Mathew Taylor quotes EDL spokesman, Guramit Singh, a couple of times. Each time he tries to show us that Singh is some kind of extremist. But Singh says that Bradford is ‘on course to be one of the first places to become a no-go area for Muslims’. Does that mean that Taylor thinks this is not a bad thing or that it is not true? The whole of Bradford won’t become a no-go area for a couple of decades, but many places within Bradford already are no-go areas: Manningham, Girlington, Heaton, West Bowling, etc. Is it a bad thing that Singh doesn’t want this to happen? Why is that? Does Taylor live in or even near a Muslim ghetto himself. I very much doubt it (except when he was a student). People like him never do. Islington perhaps?

So it strange that Guardian journalists don’t fear Muslim no-go areas, let alone Islamic extremism, etc., but they do fear the EDL. Strange. So now we have the former Home Office minister, Phil Woolas, doing his bit for Islam. He says:

‘This is a deliberate attempt by the EDL at division and provocation… It is dangerous.’

'Dangerous' as the UK Muslim ghettoes are to non-Muslims? Dangerous as Pakistan is to the Ahmadiyyas? Dangerous as Islamism is throughout the world? More dangerous than al-Qaeda or the Taliban or the Jangaweed's jihad against Christians and animists in Sudan?

Yet despite all this, even David Cameron, our Prime Minister, says that the EDL are ‘dreadful people’. Cameron has met many genuinely ‘dreadful people’ in his day. Some of whom represented the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain. You know, Jew-haters and Hamas-lovers. That sort of thing.

*) The Groanian article:


  1. The Guardian is not a very honest paper. They are biased in their reporting, and extremely far left. I have worked out a maths equation (with the aid of a pair of scissors) and have managed to get 672 sheets of toilet paper from their daily news sheeeeet. Just doing my bit for England.

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