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Monday, 31 May 2010

The Flotilla Incident: Why Israelis Don't Want to Die

(Left: the starving people of Gaza, surviving off sweets.)

Last night (30th May), the Israeli Navy surprised a flotilla of six boats bound for Hamas’s Gaza. Hundreds of Israel Defence Force soldiers came by both sea and air and boarded the ships. The soldiers then announced that all the passengers in the flotilla were under arrest.

There’ll be a few salient facts left out of many accounts of the Aid Hamas flotilla incident, especially if your source is the BBC or the Guardian. After all, an evil state, and an evil people, the Jews… the Israelis, can’t do anything but evil.

We can guarantee that this will be a major news item today and even over the next week. The Western media usually chronicles every broken finger and upset stomach which the Israelis cause the long-suffering and deeply pacifist Palestinians. Every inch of the situation well be cried over by naive left-liberals and utilised by far leftists in their obsessive anti-Israel campaign.

So as soon as the media hungrily get hold of a single Muslim on the ship being lightly spanked by an Israeli soldier, many will instantly conclude that this is yet another Evil Zionist mission to exterminate every Muslim on the planet. I bet leftists are going crazy with their FaceBooks at this very moment. Bless them.

It is almost as if the Turki Foundation wanted this to happen so they could milk it dry in the Western media and elsewhere. Indeed this ‘Israeli crime’ was probably forecast weeks ago. So it is no surprise that many Muslims have already showed their predictable anger and starting demonstrating. In fact, they started to do so about five minutes after the event occurred. It was almost as if they already knew what was going to happen. Um.

And surprise, surprise! The Turkish government called for an emergency meeting at least two minutes after the Israelis boarded the ships. The increasingly Islamist Government is slowly falling in the Muslim line of compulsory anti-Zionism. Chomsky will have finished his book about this ‘outrage’ and ‘gross act of pure evil’ by Friday. Symposiums in American universities will begin early next week.

Who was behind the reprimanded flotilla? Some nice Muslims? Our very own George ‘look no panties’ Galloway and his Viva Palestina? No. It was the Turki Foundation (IHH). Want to know something about it? (The BBC won’t tell you.) It is a radical Islamic organisation which is a major component in Hamas’s worldwide funding machine. And like all other radical Islamic organisations, it hates infidels and sometimes even hates the wrong kind of fellow Muslim. More precisely, it likes those who kill Jews (Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) and it also likes to spread the anti-Semitic psychosis around the Muslim and leftist world.

Of course the shipment was only full of flower petals, Superman magazines and white doves. Oh yes. It was also highly likely to have contained explosives, Kal Iranian-made, long-rage Fajr-5 missiles. But only to be used self-defensively by destroying Israeli kindergartens and pizza houses. How do we know this? Because a hell of a lot of similar shipments have contained weapons and explosives heading for Hamas and other nice and peaceful Islamist groups.

It’s certain that the Turki Foundation, and the other Islamists aboard, were planning on violence. Indeed they wanted violence. They had already said that they ‘fully intend to go to Gaza regardless of any intimidation of threats of violence against us’. They are only doing their Islamic duty against the Jews! Also, the Israelis, when aboard, were immediately attacked with knives, daggers and cudgels. Instead of killing the Islamists outright, the Israelis chose to use tear gas against the enemy. Al Jazeera also reported that gun shots were heard on the boats.

We can be deeply cynical, but nevertheless accurate, and say that these ‘aid convoys’, whether run by Islamist militants like the Turki Foundation or, well, by IslamoTrot militants like Viva Palestina, are not really about supplying the death camps of starving Palestinians with food and other much-needed supplies (such as long-range rockets which can go deep into Israel). They are primarily, or even exclusively, about propaganda and publicity. And my God! How they are successful at this!

The reason for my Zionist cynicism and evil is this. It is possible that the Gaza Strip is not actually suffering a real ‘humanitarian crisis’ at all since the Palestinians are already being supplied by the Evil Zionist Empire that is Israel. Indeed any journalists who care to see will realise that hundreds of Israeli trucks daily supply the Gazans with food and other needies - but not, sadly, offensive weapons. That’s where the Turki Foundation may well come in.

I don’t suppose it matters to leftists and anti-Zionists that international law allows states like Israel to ask suspicious boats to identify themselves. They are only interested in the times when Israel supposedly goes against international law, which seems to be every day, according to these Israel Watchers.

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