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Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Far-Leftist Rant on the EDL Demo in Newcastle

I’m sorry, but try to read through the following rant. It’s from Redstaratnight, who’s a ‘commentator’ at the Newcastle Chronicle. If you vomit, aim away from the computer screen. Good luck. -

Redstaratnight wrote:

"The EDL are backing up the government's agenda and actually supporting the
interests of the rich in this country, not the poor. While British Imperialism
is striving to secure it's interests in the Middle-East, through its occupations
of Iraq and Afghanistan and continued support for the racist colonial settler
state of Israel, the British state and media have accompanied this physical
offensive with an ideological one. There has been the portrayal of Muslims and
Islamic countries as undemocratic, uncivilised and even violent, both towards
each other and towards the rest of the world. Little mention is made of previous
British support for both Al Quaida and the Taliban. They demonise Muslims in
order to justify wars and interventions in the region and criminalise those who
are most likely to stand in solidarity with those in the Middle East and against
imperialism in Britain. If Iraq and Afghanistan were predominately Sikh
countries then no doubt there would be the same lies spread about Sikhs.

Actually, the poorest sections of our society have much more in common
with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine then they do with the ruling
class, who are running our country.

It's not Muslims who have bailed out
the banks to the tune of millions of pounds. It's not Muslims who are
privatising the NHS, schools and job centres. Divide and rule only benefits the
rich. Muslims are not the cause of problems in this country, capitalism is. Just
remember, when fascism gained strength in Germany things did NOT get better for
the working class. All anti-racists and progressives have a duty to stand
against racism towards Muslims. See you on Saturday."

*) One single piece couldn’t make more mistakes about the EDL, and just about everything else, than this one. But that’s the nature of Trotskyist rants. It’s as if this guy is reading his comment directly from the front page of Socialist Worker or something. He sounds like a classic Robo-Trot. It’s literally as if the silly twat as memorised the party line and who then regurgitates it in total - unthinkingly. It’s also in a stream-of-consciousness style, linking lots of different stuff together and often being completely besides-the-point. That’s another thing that Trot ranters do. YouTube Lindsey German and download one of her rants against the wars - or on anything actually. Her sentences last about ten minutes without any full stops or punctuation marks. It’s like a bad version of Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce. Mindless stuff really! I don’t think that our commentator is of the high quality of Lindsey German. More like a first-year student acolyte treading the boards for the first time. He’s probably not much older than 18 months.

Redstaratnight starts off when a classic Trot trope – ‘the EDL are backing up the government’s agenda’. Really? Well, I’m a member of the EDL and I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me. I’ll think I’ll quit the EDL now… Not. As if the Government has an ‘agenda’ on anything. As if the EDL is ‘backing the government’s agenda’. What agenda is that? Is that the Trot’s platonic Agenda with a capital ‘A’? As I said, as if the Government has a single agenda on anything.

The other thing the EDL is doing without knowing it, according to Redstaratnight, is backing ‘the interests of the rich in this country, not the poor’. Shit! I’m backing the rich and I didn’t even know it. I’m glad this 18-year-old spotty student told me the unvarnished truth. I would have voted for the EDL otherwise.

‘British imperialism’ is not ‘striving to secure its interests in the Middle East, through its occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan’. Doesn’t this imbecilic Trot remember that when we invaded Iraq we toppled a leader, Saddam Hussein (George Galloway’s mate), who was murdering up to 30,000 of his own people each month? Who had massacred Kurds and Shiites en mass as well as killed thousands of socialists and union leaders? The Left is keen to stress the number of deaths in Iraq since the invasion. Are these deaths really the fault of the US and UK? Aren’t they the fault of the Baathists and the genocidal wars between Sunnis and Shi’tes? I myself think that the UK and US governments should have known how much Muslim sects like killing each other, let alone killing the infidel. (The Baathists simply like to kill. Full stop.) They have done such things for over a thousand years. We can’t be blamed for the fact that Islam is a death cult and that many Muslims are a in love with death. The same is more or less true of the situation in Afghanistan.

As for the ‘racist colonial settler state of Israel’. Yes! Israel is so racist that it allows Arabs and Muslims seats in the Knesset as well as the existence of Muslim parties and activist groups. It is so racist that it has the biggest racial mix of peoples outside the US. It is so racist that it has not exterminated the Palestinians; and Hamas would exterminate the Jews if it had the means. (Israel has got the means and it has not done this.) Not forgetting, the Muslims and Arabs of Israel have more democratic rights and a better standard of livings than their fellows in any other part of the Arab and Muslim world – by far!

So the ‘British media’ have ‘portrayed Muslims and Islamic countries as undemocratic, uncivilised and even violent’?.. Wait a minute! Does that mean that Redstaratnight thinks that Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, etc are democratic? Pull the other one. Does that mean that he thinks that Afghanistan and Pakistan are not violent? One suicide bombing, numerous honours killings, etc. a day seems pretty violent to me. But not to Redstaratnight. What a paradoxical word this twat must live in.

We ‘demonise Muslims’ do we? No. Read Hamas’s charter. Go to a mosque in Tower Hamlets, etc. There is a lot of demonisation going on there. Against the Jews, the infidels, the kafir, the West, etc. That is genuine demonisation in my book. And the Trot’s platonic Media doesn’t demonise Muslims anyway. Do you mean the Guardian, or the New Statesman, or Red Pepper, or the Independent, etc.? Not even the Sun or the Daily Mail ‘demonises Muslims’. They demonise militant Muslims and Islamic terrorists. Is that the same thing? Maybe it is!

One of Redstaratnight’s best lines is that ‘the poorest sections of our society have much more in common with the people of Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine than they do with the ruling class, who are running our country’. Really? A working-class guy on a Bradford council estate has more in common with an Afghanistan flogger or cleric than anyone in the ‘ruling class’? I doubt it. More in common with the religious fanatics of Hamas? I doubt it. More in common with the ‘vice police’ of Iran and Palestine? I doubt it. More in common with those Muslims who burry those guilty of infidelity and then stone them to death? I doubt it. Which world is this fool living in?

Redstaratnight then comes out with a basic piece of brainlessness. He says that it is ‘not Muslims who have bailed out the banks’, etc. No. That’s one thing he’s got right in his little rant. But wait a minute! The EDL is against the behaviour of the banks as well. Why does that automatically stop us from ALSO being against Muslims? Can’t we be against both wrongs? I know that Redstaratnight can’t because his simplistic Trot ideology won’t allow him to be against both bankers and Muslims. It’s simply not allowed to be against any ‘minority’ or ‘oppressed’ group because they are the fuel of revolution and radicalisation. Thus he can see no Muslims evil or hear no Muslim evil. He can only see and hear white evil – thus the evil of bankers, privatisers and the EDL. Such a black-and-white world, isn’t it?

*) The source of the rant:

1 comment:

  1. Well I managed to read the shite that the mentally disturbed Redstaratnight scrawled and did manage not to puke (just about). This Lefty prick needs to take a holiday away from his trotskyite ideaoligy for a few weeks and an ideal place for him to take that vacation would be reality. Now that his beloved idols are no longer the center of the political spotlight he is becoming very frightened indeed. His union friends who supply him with grants and funding will longer be getting taxpayer money to buy new UAF flags and pay for shit music festivals promoting his fantasies of Islam and the West as the same downtrodden brothers and sisters. Like him I also know that Darling bunged the Unite Union 18 million quid of stolen money just before he got the boot, some of that 18 mil might trickle through to his brigade of appeasement monkeys after the unions piss it up the wall suporting the upcoming strikers. Some may be left after Power 2010 and her bumchums like Billy Ballbragg fiddle what they can. It all depends on howmuch is left for little old trotskyface, it won't be very palatable when he has to tell his unwashed fuckwit brigade that they will have to pay for the coaches to EDL demos. They won't be overjoyed when he is asking them for money for printing and such.
    These are just a few of the things that await he when he arrives in reality for his vacation, add to that the reality that islam and sharia will have no loyalty or even sympathy for him and his lefty friends when it is decided that the time is right for the violent stage of jihad to commence upon our shores. Poor little trotskywotsky what will you he do kneel and lift his arse, maybe you really should take that holiday with immediate effect, realise the inevitable fact that the EDL are here to stay and growing ever more powerful by the day.
    (He will not understand that last promise, surrender monkeys never do.)

    Oh and just in case anyone reading is unaware of power 2010 and what shit the lefty twats are playing at now take a look at the link