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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

EDL: Newcastle, Here We Come!

Since the English Defence League is visiting Newcastle in a week, I thought I’d see what the local press, police and politicians have to say on the matter. (See the left of this post.)

The very fact that Northumbria Police has said that ‘it will have no problem’ with the EDL demo, and that Newcastle City Council deputy leader, Coun David Faulkner, has said that he is ‘uncomfortable about banning’, show us that the real reason, or the only reason, why UAF, the TUC, North East Against Racism and Coun Dipu Ahad want to ban the demo is not because of any potential trouble (or even potential violence), but because they don’t want the people of Newcastle to hear what the EDL really has to say. That means that they want to deny the people of Newcastle their right to hear freely expressed views, whether wrong or right, true or false. Thus all the aforementioned people and groups are plain anti-democrats.

As for journos. Are all regional journalists related or something? Or are they all equally thick and/or lazy? Why do all of them use exactly the same phrases and words when writing about the EDL? For example, Amy Hunt, of Newcastle’s Evening Chronicle, calls the EDL a ‘far-right group’. Has she ever genuinely thought about this description? Of course not. She’s yet another regional journalist who simply regurgitates what the nationals or the UAF say. She also comes out with this classic piece of reporting on the EDL:

‘The EDL claims to protest against Muslim extremism…’

This can be translated into:

The EDL claims to protest against Muslim extremism, but is really a bunch of Racist Bigots and Fascist Bigots who don’t want to Embrace Diversity and who don’t like Community Cohesion.

Our Dipu Ahad

Coun Dipu Ahad is a Muslim councillor who wants to ban the EDL demo. I wonder why that is? (Oh, Ahad’s ‘hero’ is the Muslim supremacist, and black racist, Malcolm X.)

He doesn’t want ‘this kind of thing’ in his city. What sort of thing is that? Protesting against Sharia law? Stressing the need to deal with militant Muslims and rogue mosques? Perhaps he means other kinds of thing. Who knows? He’s a Muslim councillor. They only ever tell the truth.

He also seems to overlook the possibility that many of the EDL demonstrators on Saturday will actually be from Newcastle. Many of them will have been living there since before the first mosques were built or the first Islamic bombs went off in the UK. I know for a fact that the North East has many EDL divisions and Newcastle itself is very strong.

Coun Dipu Ahad also tells us that Newcastle is designated ‘a City of Peace’. Not for much longer, if the militant Muslim community gains any more power and more numbers. There’s not much Peace in Islamabad or Kabul. There’s not much peace in any Islamic or Muslim country. It is the secular societies that watch out for militant Islam that guarantee and sustain peace. Not the PC societies which bow to every Muslim whim. Islam, for 1,500 years and still today, has been an unflinching enemy of peace. Newcastle’s future experience will not prove this fact wrong.

Anyway. What an empty PC phrase – ‘a City of Peace’. What the corbett does it actually mean? Is that like Birmingham being ‘the City of Diversity’ or Blackburn being ‘a City of Muslim Gang Violence’? It’s banal rhetoric and the councillors know it.

Dipu Ahad goes on to cry crocodile tears for Newcastle’s Muslims by saying that ‘the Muslim community’ is ‘extremely worried’ about the coming EDL demo. From my experience, up and down the UK, it’s more a case of non-Muslims being worried about the Muslim community, not the other way around. Ask the non-Muslims of Bradford, Blackburn and the Tower Hamlets what they think of the pacifist and deeply cuddly Muslim Community. Does the Muslim Community itself Embrace Diversity and love Community Cohesion or does it just want to be the sole beneficiary of Embraced Diversity and Community Cohesion?

In any case, if ‘relationships between communities in Newcastle are [so] good and harmonious’, then what have Muslims and Dipu Ahad got to fear? Surely a single two-hour demonstration won’t destroy these ‘very good and harmonious relationships’ in one single afternoon. Surely not. Unless it is precisely because there are very bad and inharmonious relations between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Newcastle that our Dipu is fearful about this demo by the EDL. Perhaps he knows that it will give the many victims of Newcastle’s multi-cultural ‘hegemony’ a voice they have never had before. A voice given to them, at last, by the English Defence League. That is what worries Dipu Ahad and the leftist councillors on Newcastle council.

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