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Monday, 3 May 2010


You can only admire the EDL guys on the rooftop today. What a brilliant piece of organisation. And that classic touch of the loudspeakers relaying Islamic chant – just as it would be if the super-mosque got the go-ahead. I bet there are still a handful of Dudley folk who have no idea what’s going to hit them if that god-forsaken mosque is built. The town would be destroyed because it would become a Muslim stronghold. Any happy-clappy multiculturalism would only happen in the first week. It would be for the cameras and the BBC. It would be put on by PC vicars and taqiyya-expert Muslim ‘community leaders’. Another piece of land claimed for Islam in its 1,500 year war against everyone and every place that is not Islamic.

We have known all along that there needs to be more than demos in the EDL movement. Anything and everything that alerts people to the rise of Islam. Anything from leaflets, TV interviews, t-shirts, direct action – the whole lot. This is the most important issue the UK could ever face. Just as the fight against the Nazi Germans made and saved the UK, so the fight against Islamism will do exactly the same. The EDL guys on the rooftop were crying out for more of the British public to listen to them. That’s why they were up there. There is no other way of getting the message across. The national media daren’t tell the truth. And regional journalists are either to damn stupid about reality or they get all their EDL stories passed on to them via Trotskyist organisation like UAF or Hope Not Hate. That is why the protest was visual. The camera cannot lie. It didn’t lie when it showed the public that it was not anti-Semitic when it flies the Israeli flag. The camera doesn’t lie when it shows Sikhs and black people giving speeches at EDL demos. All the lies appear when the EDL message is filtered through the PC straightjackets which are put on all media and other outlets. .

Many people simply don’t realise how bad the situation is because they assume that if the EDL is racist and fascist then they may be making things up or exaggerating the power of Islam in the UK. But just go to Holland, Sweden, Paris, Denmark and you will see that the shit has already hit the fan in all these places. Muslims are not just being given everything on a plate, they are demanding more and more from the indigenous populations and governments. And when they don’t get what they want, whether banning cartoons or creating more ‘hate crimes’ to stop criticism of Islam, they riot and sometimes even kill. Muslims have been doing this sort of thing for 1,500 years so we should wise-up. There isn’t a show on the TV screen. This is the reality. This is what our children and grandchildren will face if we don’t do our bit NOW.

Read the two Churchill quotes above. One paints the truth about Islam. Churchill was forecasting the future without knowing it. It told the British that Islam is a violent, psychotic death-cult and killer religion. The other Churchill quote reminds us what happens when we do not fight the bad guys. Churchill was rightly disgusted that the British Government of the day effectively gave the Nazis Czechoslovakia on a plate. This is what we are in danger of doing in the case of another kind of fascism – Islamofascism!

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  1. Good honest post, and so true. You cannot rely on the PC labour loving press to dish up anything apart from crap. They are brainwashed by PC, and scared to tell the truth.

    Thank god for the internet, the freedom to tell the truth, the only media device to get the real facts out for the public to see.

    Keep up the good work RSP.