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Sunday, 23 May 2010

'Draw the Holocaust Day': the Sickness of Islamism

In response to the ‘Draw Mohammed Day’ on Friday, Muslims have seen fit to respond with their very own ‘Draw the Holocaust Day’. Sick or what? And it seems that it is the Iranian media, as well as other Islamist loons, who are primarily behind this sick ‘reciprocation’.

The ‘equivalence’ is not even a true or a believable one. Thousands of non-Muslims, of whom only a tiny percent would have been Jews (if any), drew Mohammed. In response to this, Muslims have come out with their ‘equivalence’ – ‘Draw the Holocaust Day’. What has the critique of Mohammed got to do with Jews? What has it got to do with the Holocaust? If anything, Muslims should have had a ‘Draw Jesus Day’, or a ‘Draw Guru Nanak’ day, or something like that. Why a ‘Draw the Holocaust Day’? This is sick. This simply displays, yet again, the Muslim obsession with the Jews. So much so that they target the Jews even when the Jews didn’t target them (in the ‘draw Mohamed’ case). What sort of sick obsession is this?

The drawing of a warrior-killer, expansionist, beheader and paedophile; compared with the drawing of the extermination of six million innocent Jews and other non-Jewish innocents? Of course, to these sick Muslims, no Jew is innocent. And that has been the case since Mohammed first ranted and raved about the Jews, with his filthy Islamic mouth, and then killed them.

The big joke about this sick Muslim obsession with the Jews is that in one breath Muslims say the Holocaust didn’t happen (or that it was grossly exaggerated). And in the next breath they say that the Jews deserved it (or they brought in on themselves). I am not saying here that one set of Muslims say the former and another say the latter. I am saying that it is often the case that many Muslims claim that the Jews deserved the Holocaust and they also say that it didn’t happen. Muslim culture has never been very logical. That’s why it is stuck in the 13th or even the 7th century.

Does this Islamic schizophrenia remind you of another case of Muslim madness. 9/11? Yes, that’s right. In one breath many Muslims say that the US ‘deserved’ the attack on the Twin Towers. And in the next breath they say it was a Mossad plot – that the Jews did it. (After all, the genius Jews did everything else, have you never read the Hamas Charter?) Again, just as in the Holocaust case, this is not a case of one set of Muslims saying that ‘the US deserved 9/11’ and another set saying that ‘it was Mossad that did it’. Often the very same Muslims believe both positions before and after breakfast.

Muslim logic? There is no such thing. There is only psychotic belief, blind faith and death.

In addition, if Muslims have the right to kill every Mohammed-drawer on earth, does that mean that the Jews can also kill every Muslim Holocaust-drawer on earth as well? I have a feeling that reciprocation will not apply in this case. Logic has never been a Muslim strength. Muslims will kill for such ‘offences’ or ‘insults’. Jews won’t kill a single Muslim for their obscene and sick Holocaust cartoons. Muslims kill because their faith is an 'eggshell' (Martin Amis) that is so thin that it cannot allow or take a single criticism. Jews will not kill because they do not need to. Judaism has survived for two thousand years without the death-craze which afflicts Islam and many, many Muslims. Jews will debate the issue with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muslims will kill every non-Muslim they can. That is not reciprocity. That is Islamic hypocrisy with, no doubt, a heavy dose of Taqiyya to help it along.

This means that Muslims have effectively embarrassed themselves with their ‘Draw the Holocaust Day’. More than that, they have shown themselves and their religion to have a deep and strong strain of sickness within it. In other words, their FaceBook campaign can only backfire. Even Respect and Salma Yaqoob may doubt the morality of drawing Holocaust cartoons (though they will, of course, ‘understand it’).

Then again, sickness is a speciality of Islam, isn’t it? Something so sick must be fought against in every possible way. That is why the EDL is of supreme importance at this moment in time in both England and Europe itself. ‘Draw the Holocaust Day’ is just another display of the sickness of Islamism and the sickness of Islamists. Do we need any more cases and displays to persuade us to take up the fight against such a sickness – such a disease? The fight is on. Are you up for it?


  1. Just proves to the world what a laughing stock some Muslims really are. Backward, perverted and ever so insecure. Ha ha, hope this makes the international media, it will blow up in their faces oops! Silly me, they like that sort of thing anyway.

  2. traeh replied to comment from Paul Murphy | May 23, 2010

    Paul Murphy, you said,

    "The big joke about this sick Muslim obsession with the Jews is that in one breath Muslims say the Holocaust didn’t happen (or that it was grossly exaggerated). And in the next breath they say that the Jews deserved it (or they brought in on themselves)."

    There are several reasons for that tendency to blithe self-contradiction. One of them has to do with the Islamic God's relation to law. The Islamic God's sovereignty is conceived as so absolute and total that it would be a humiliation and an indignity if he obeyed anything other than himself. It is thus wrong to speak of the Islamic God as obeying any supposed scientific or logical laws, such as the law of non-contradiction. And that is apparently why there are Islamic traditions in which one reads of Muslims expressing contempt for the Jews because their God is "fettered," bound by various logical and moral laws. The Islamic God, by contrast, is conceived as absolutely unfettered, as ruling from his own arbitrary will, and is pictured after the image of the most despotic ancient Near Eastern tyrants.

    Bill Warner refers to a "dualistic" logic in Islam -- a statement and its contradiction can both be true. If the Qur'an contradicts itself, the contradiction is often resolved by Muslim scholars choosing the statement that came later, which is thought of as canceling the earlier contradictory statement. Unfortunately, Islam becomes most violent and totalitarian in its last period, and the second to last Qur'an chapter Muhammad revealed (Chapter 9) is the most aggressive and totalitarian chapter. But many Muslims accept both sides of the tolerant/totalitarian contradiction, because "Allah" did. So Bill Warner's solution to that dualism is to determine what percentage of verses are tolerant, and what percentage are violent and supremacist. In the core texts of Islam, well over 95% of the uses of the term "jihad" refer to military jihad.

    The dualistic logic of Islam serves to camouflage Muslim intentions -- both toward us and even toward themselves.