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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Belfast Telegraph on the EDL Demo in Newcastle

(Right: Bilal mosque, or 'Elswick Mosque', in Newcastle, which is a converted church - obviously.)

(Below: some trees.)

The Belfast Telegraph has a short piece today on the EDL demo – march this time! – in Newcastle on Saturday. It’s basically the same as every other newspaper piece in the UK so far. (More fact, less opinion, though.) Who would expect otherwise? It calls the EDL ‘far right’. After all, the Newcastle Chronicle calls the EDL ‘far right’. As does the Dewsbury Chronicle. As does the Birmingham Mail. As does the… (fill in the blanks yourself). Some on the left would say that they all call the EDL ‘far right’ because it is far right. No smoke without fire and all that. Since when have the UAF, etc. believed that numbers constitutes the truth?

I believe that many regional newspapers call the EDL ‘far right’ because many regional newspapers call the EDL ‘far right’. Simple as.

The Belfast Telegraph also comments on the fact that Northumbria Police in Newcastle are naming its operation after a tree in Northern Ireland. So that’s the connection. A tree? Not a rose bush or car park? Actually the tree, which is situated in Dunadry in Belfast, signifies ‘peace and unity’.

Is that a dig at the EDL? In that the EDL demo will foster conflict and disunity not ‘peace and unity’? Perhaps not. The EDL demo is happening precisely to bring about peace and unity both now and in the future. It is Islamism and Islamic militancy which is bound to bring about conflict and disunity here in the UK. It has done so everywhere else in the world. It has done so for the past 1,500 years. And it will do in Newcastle if people don’t start listening to the EDL’s message, which is both commonsensical and obviously true. But since when has truth mattered to political correctness and UAF/SWP? Since when has commonsense done likewise? It is ideology and theory which matters to the leftists and the PC Brigade, not truth and commonsense.

The Belfast Telegraph also comments on the fact that at the end of the demo the EDL and the ‘anti-fascist demonstrators’ will only be ‘100 yards apart’. Perhaps then there will be a polite debate between one and all. We could share sandwiches and anecdotes. It may be like that No Man’s Land story during the Christmas of 1916, in the First World War, when both British and German soldiers played a game of soccer with each other in no-man’s land. On the other hand, it probably won’t be at all like that.

Finally, the Northumbria Police Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Ashman, told that Belfast Telegraph something which the UAF/SWP seems to have forgotten - or simply ignored or rejected. He said that the EDL is ‘allowed the right to peaceful protest’. Are you listening UAF/SWP? Then do listen!

*) The Belfast Telegraph piece:

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