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Saturday, 29 May 2010


I would like to thank all that made the journey to Newcastle. Ii hope you all enjoyed youselves as much as I did. Everyone I've spoken to about our cause since the demo, has a greater understanding of what we`re all about. And won`t be fooled into believing the leftist propoganda and sensationalist headlines from certain newspapers any time soon.

Our voices were heard and listened too. And our divisions are getting stronger by the hour. "Where is my nearest division". "Where is the next demo". "Where can I buy a hoodie". Are the questions that I`m being asked again and again. And ofcourse I`m only to pleased to answer and chat about the EDL all day long.

Result of the demo.= A resounding success

Don`t know why UAF bothers to turn up. It`s obvious we`re not who they claim we are. And they`re making themselves look stupid; repeating the same lies and propoganda bull. People will ask questions and make up their own minds. This must be really frustrating for those that would try and tell us what to think and what opinions too have. Still their good for a laugh I suppose.

Once again cheers for a great day lads and lasses. Hope to see you all again soon.

EDL for life

- by Mr Geordie

To the guy that says "Newcastle doesn't want the EDL".

You really need to sit down and look at what the EDL is all about! I'm a life-long Toon fan, probably much longer than you at 40+ years a season ticket-holder, so don't come this crap about Newcastle not wanting the EDL!

I'm a very patriotic person, not a racist. I have no problem with a person's skin colour, just Muslim Extremism that threatens this great country of ours and other countries throughout the civilised world. People often say that this world and country is getting worse and yet very few people actually bother to sit down and reflect on why. Take time out and look at all the Political Correctness, Liberalism and Human Rights groups that have sprung up over the last 50yrs and notice the decline in society to go alongside it!

I'm not an EDL member, not BNP, not Fascist, not even a member of any particular political party. I just have a love of my country, culture and it's people!(Whatever colour they are, so don't pull this Nazi crap with me!)

Yesterday I noticed:-
1) Walked through EDL when getting off the train and they were enjoying themselves amongst heavy police presence. Asked if I could take a few pics and was welcomed, no problem and carried on to the Apprentice Boys parade.
2) Passing the UAF outside St. Jame’s Park (my home ground). I stopped to answer a text while passing and because i had a camera round my neck, got spat at and called because I wouldn't sign some petition! All of a sudden I'm 'Nazi scum'?
3) Went onto the Derry Apprentice Boys outside the Black Bull. Asked if I could take a few pics for myself as well as a client(business). Couldn't have been nicer! Great guys/girls and many from the local area as well as N/Ireland.

Seems to be the case that for some reason, the Left (as I'll call them here), have been brainwashed into thinking the EDL are a violent Nazi group. My experience is that it's the UAF that are against free speech, human rights and are willing to let this country go to the dogs! If you believe in democracy, why do you protest at anybody else's parade, demo or whatever?
Remember and listen...the EDL is NOT racist; just against Muslim Extremism which, if you watch the news, is a very real threat to this country and others!

While you bury your head in the sand and go through life thinking "everything will be alright in the end" and there isn't any threat to this country, others like the EDL, will fight for our way of life....even yours!

Yesterday, I experienced abuse from one group and friendship from two others while taking photos. It doesn't take a mind reader which company I prefer!

I'm a business owner, a father and support various charities throughout the region as well as sending money to disaster zones around the world(including countries with people of other skin colour and religion). I'm also a very proud and long-standing Newcastle United fan and know many others like me, so don't come on here and say Newcastle does not want the EDL here, because you are wrong.....WE DO !!!

PS- I saw one of your "posters", it was about 2"x3" about the size of your dick, and was half peeled off a lamppost? Remember, you can only afford to buy your banners and placards because the Communist party (SWP, etc.) are behind you. The EDL fund their own out of the love of their country and way of life. I know which group gets my support!

- by Jester UK

The lesson here is that the press are out to get us, creeping into our demos in the hope some one will say something to be used against us. If you don't know the guy standing next to you at a demo, watch your tongue. Don't say anything that can be used against EDL.

You can bet that hidden among us are more of these journos looking for a scoop, don't give it to them. Remember the WW2 saying: ‘Walls have ears.’ Our leadership team refused to be interviewed because they know that whatever is said will be twisted.

These reports on us are designed to give the government reasons to ban us. This is the plan by the left-wing media, to get us banned.

The publicity may bring us new members but what kind of new members?

- by Arthur

It was great! All good lads and introduced myself to a few of them. Had to leave at 4:00pm for a train but could of stayed all night.

I've got over 150+ pics of EDL as well as Derry Boys. I'll sort out a Flicker profile or something similar but if anybody wants any sent to them, just get in touch. Also, if any of the organisers want anything, just let me know.

The Bigg Market atmosphere was electrifying and although i was getting a few looks because i had the camera round the neck, everybody was pretty good about it.

Got a tip off from UK Patriot lads that Al Jazeera was asking them for an interview and asked if i would get a few pics of those too!....they went very shy indeed when i was right in front of them getting their mug shots mind! Al Jazeera....why do you go so shy when in front of somebody else's lens? – by Jester UK

Got the buzz and i think i need more!
Great day with some good people.
Hopefully we'll meet up some day.

I’ve just came back from the Demo. Around 1500-1800 EDL lads and 1000 UAF.

Hundreds upon hundreds of police, from at least Two forces. Saw no violence and the microphone system was a massive improvement.

However. I mingled amongst all crowds, EDL, UAF and bystanders. Most people there thought that the EDL were just a BNP offshoot and some were shouting abuse when Tommy and the rest were doing their speeches.

Saw 3 NF arseholes but heard no racism in the EDL. Stewards were doing a much better job.

A couple of EDL kids were arrested trying to get onto the Metro without paying.

- by Imperial Emperor

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