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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why the Left Hates the Jews [by OutSider]

- by OutSider

... I am both a Jew and consider myself a social-democrat (hence, a lefty). I think the answer is somewhat more complicated. What today is called left driven by post modernist relativist ideas, rather than any form of Marxism or socialism. Regarding Jews and Israel this ideological trend is being reflected in several ways:

i) Always putting America and the west in the wrong. Therefore Israel, being wrongly perceived as an American creation, is always to blame and so are the people supporting it - Jews.
ii) Guilt complex regarding the West's colonial past. A complex being resolved by painting another conflict (Israel-Arabs) as a colonial situation and, to atone for past western deeds), now taking an "anti colonial" stand (i.e. anti Israeli >> anti Jewish).
iii) Guilt complex regarding the antisemitic and genocidal past of Europe. A complex being resolved by making Jews the new evil (hence what they suffered in the past was not really that wrong after all).
iv) A pavlovian tendency to assume that the underdog cannot be the aggressor in a conflict
v) Most importantly Jews falsify two major believes in the so-called left ideology. For first they provide an example for a minority maintaining its identity and at the same time being prosperous in the western societies. Secondly they provide an example for a successful national liberation movement that resulted in a functioning democracy. To deal with that the so-called left has to come up with excuses ("Jews control politics" "Israel is living off US funding" etc.).
vi) Israel, the Jewish state, provides proof that that appeasement of Islamofascism can be successfully replaced with defiance, and that is another reality the so-called left can't stand resigning to. They would rather go through total negation of Israel than acknowledging it was right all along (and therefore they were wrong).

Though still lacking to a certain degree, Ross Kemp's documentary was one of the better ones I've seen in western media. As for lefties being only "anti zionist", that's a facade easy to see through - What is Zionism and who are the Zionists? Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, maintaining that Jews have the right for self determination and an independent state in their historical home land. Now an interesting thing about the so called left is that they will support self determination and statehood for numerous nations - Palestinians, the people of East Timor, the people of Tibet and more. However, they single out the Jewish people and deny the right of that perticular nation for statehood and self determination. Put in another way, the so-called left maintains that it is only the Jews of all nations who don't deserve national liberation, thus taking an antisemitic stand. The so called left doesn't like Zionists because Zionists are Jews who decided not to rely on the fickle benevolence of the majority in foreign lands, but rather take a proactive approach in securing their destiny. Put in another way the so-called left likes its Jews constantly vulnerable, but never strong enough to take care of themselves. This is a privilege reserved by the lefties only for non-Jews which is another reason why anti-Zionist lefties are actually antisemitic.

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