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Thursday, 22 April 2010

What the Koran Says About the Animated Sitcom, South Park

I can’t believe that militant Muslims have won the day again. No wonder they think that the infidel West is weak and feeble. It often is. And the more the West, or the UK and US, give in to these Muslims, the more they will demand. The more they will think they can achieve.

This time it is the cartoon South Park that has been threatened by ‘militant’ Muslims. (Are all Muslims militant? It sometimes seems that way.) South Park dared to feature Mohammed. It is forbidden in Islam to portray Mohammed in any way. That’s right. It is forbidden in Islam. Not in America. Not in Christianity. Not for infidels to portray him. So why should non-Muslims bow down to these naked threats from Muslims? Because these people usually get what they want. This is just one more example of Muslims making non-Muslims abide by the strict and stupid strictures of that mass death-cult, Islam.

Isn’t South Park meant to be a hip and anti-establishment show? Maybe it’s hip. Maybe it’s anti-establishment. But it’s a soft sucker for a Muslim threat. Throw the Bible down the toilet and you get awards from an arty organisation. Accidentally stand on the Koran and there’s riot in Timbuktu and suicide bombings in Karachi.

It is still not clear if the programme’s makers, Mr Stone and Mr Parker, were responsible for all the bleeps and the blackouts. It may have all been done on the orders of the network, Comedy Central, which did indeed place additional audio bleeps throughout the sacrilegious episode.

However, it may have been a clever trick, on South Park creators’ part, not to cancel the whole episode completely. Instead they bleeped and blocked out the offending parts and flashed the word ‘CENSORED’. This at least shows the audience what has happened to their programme. It also shows the fans that South Park has in fact been threatened by Muslim thugs. So perhaps this wasn’t an outright example of cowardice after all.

The Muslim group warned South Park’s creators that they could ‘face violence’ if they depicted Mohammed in any way. That Muslim group is called Revolution Muslim. They even had the sick audacity to write, on a website, that the South Park creators ‘will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh’. That is - dead. Another sacrificial lamb to the ever-thirsty Islam’s desire for infidel corpses. Van Gogh himself was murdered in 2004. His crime? To have made a film about how violent Islam is towards women. The Muslim killed Van Gogh, I assume, to prove to us all how non-violent Islam is. Muslims never seem to get the irony of their violent responses to accusations of Islamic violence. Irony, unlike Islam, is not really a medieval thing. (Backwards time travel is possible. Go to Islamic Pakistan and see.)

More specifically, this episode was to show Mohammed – I will not say ‘the Prophet’! – wearing a bear costume. And why not? Just the other day I saw a fairly funny add depicting the Buddha. Did any Buddhists riot or kill for this ‘offence’ – for this ‘insult’? Of course not. That may be because Buddhism is not an egg shell, like Islam, that can so easily be broken. It can take a few knocks. Just as many religions do. Remember The Life of Brian? That film was much loved, apparently, by many Christians.

With Islam everything is different. It is so weak, not strong, as a religion that even the slightest criticism, or ‘insult’ or ‘offence’, is seen as a fatal sacrilege. This is also because Islam is the most violent and irrational of religions. The rage and the riots do not show us the deepness of the faith, but Islam’s shallowness. There has never been an argumentative or philosophical tradition within Islam which could help Muslims cope with criticism. Fair enough, there have been various sects, schools of interpretation and whatnot. But no deep philosophical movement that has been allowed to question Islam itself. That’s partly why there are so many Muslims on this planet. Along with death for apostasy and the long history of Islamic imperialism, the closed Muslim mind also helps explain the fact that there are over a billion Muslims. That large number, though, is seen by many Muslims as the most definitive and clear proof of Islam’s truth and righteousness. It’s just a body count in the end.

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