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Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Myths About Islam are Not Myths

Why are they 'myths about Islam' myth? Quite simply, because such statements are critical of Islam and Muslims. Thus there is a semantic mistake made by those who cry 'myths about Islam'. What they really mean in this:

Negative or critical views or remarks about Islam are, by definition, myths.

And conversely:

Positive and uncritical views and remarks Islam are, by definition, not myths, but truths.

I must now ask: Why are the majority of non-Muslims in the UK the believers in and purveyors of 'myths' about Islam? Surely this can't be the case if we keep in mind the daily delivery of pro-Muslim missives and uncritical views about Islam propagated each and every day by the Guardian and other regional and national newspapers. I have never once read an article in these newspapers that is critical of Islam. However, now and again a paper like the Sun will be critical of individual Muslims or groups of Muslims, but not critical of Islam itself. Being critical of Muslims is not the same as being critical of Islam and its beliefs and values. Many people make this mistake in the media and in the wider world. Indeed some more politically-inclined individuals and groups deliberately fuse the criticism of particular Muslims with the criticism of Islam. Such a fusion produces much political fruit for naive liberals, Guardian journalists, the Islington set, Respect and the Socialist Workers Party (amongst others).

Another related mistake, which is the inverse of the above, is that if an individual Muslim confesses to watching Eastenders, going to pubs, listening to the Sugababes, etc., then this is somehow a positive reflection of the true liberalism and tolerance of Islam. In fact, what it tells us is that a particular Muslim does this or does that despite the 'myths'. More than that. It tells us that when young Muslims go to the cinema or watch Big Brother, they do so in spite of Islam - or even against Islam, not because of Islam. Such actions and behaviour tell us nothing about the true nature of Islam itself, but they do tell us a lot about individual Muslims in particular situations.

Let me tell you about the real 'myth' - it is this:

That all negative and critical views about Islam are by definition 'myths'. That in itself is the myth.

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