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Friday, 2 April 2010

Unemployment Does Not Cause Islamic Terrorism

Many Muslim 'community leaders' are trying to convince British non-Muslims that there is (almost) a scientific causal link between Islamic terrorism and unemployment in the UK. This cannot be the case. Many of the Muslims I have seen on TV and read about in the press, in connection with terrorist activity, have been students or professionals of some kind. They were not unemployed. Similarly, the Muslim fundamentalist groups that set up their stalls at British universities are clearly not unemployed. Osama bin Ladin was not unemployed before his Damascene conversion to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Far from it! Unemployed Pakistanis and Bangladeshis Muslims are far more likely to become drug dealers than Islamic fundamentalists or terrorists.

If there were an unexceptionless law that the unemployed must become terrorists, then the non-Muslim unemployed youths who live on the estates of Britain, or at least some of them, would now be terrorists of some kind.

If Muslims are keen on generalisations and on making necessary connections, perhaps the link between Islam itself - the Koran itself - and terrorism should also be stressed by. Of course they could not do so even if they did believe it to be the case; just as non-Muslim UK journalists rarely, if ever, make the link between Islam itself and terrorism even when - or if - they believe that such a link exists.

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