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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

UAF and the Trots [by Southwales]

- by Southwales

I think the reason why people turn to the SWP/UAF is because they target the modernisers and the rebels. People who have no interest in being patriotic. They tell these people that they have solutions for there problems and that they are being exploited by the capitalists. It is vital for the left that they do not go into anti-capitalism right away because they know it scares people off. They work on common grounds: student loans, gay rights, and anti traditionalism, for example. Finally they introduce their sheep to the UAF they paint a picture of Nazis as thugs but in the reality we are different to what they say they are.

Then once they have the support and loyalty from the sheep they take them into the more darker red-left organisations such as Antifa, Class War, and the Communist Party. Once you're in the left you can only go future these groups do not believe in democracy and they are open about the fact they want to militantly silence their opponents and overthrow the Goverment. However, they keep quite about this extremism under the UAF banner.

It is vital that we get the support at UAF's expence it can be possible and we have to prove to UAF that we are not Nazis, racists or fascists and they would be welcome to join as long as they leave the UAF behind. I think that to a degree that has happened. I am forever meeting posters who were once on the left's side.

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