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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

On Muslims & Stuff [by Waspish]

- by Waspish

I have always seen Mr Griffin as a racist. I have argued with him on the radio several years ago, but I must say the man certainly talked a lot of sence in this interview. The only bad-mannered person was the Muslim man. The Quran states that it is every muslims duty to conquer the land they choose to live in. They can't argue with that fact. They can't deny that fact. The Quran also states that a woman's place is at the feet of her master (yes master). She is worth half that of a man. These beliefs are totally and utterly at odds with the British way of life, and with the British faith foundation be that Christian, Catholic etc. No other religion expresses racism and divisiveness like the Muslim faith. What bothers me is. Why do Muslim women who live here in Britain stay within the religion at all ? Why do they allow their daughters to be treated as slaves and brood mares? Why do the Muslim clerics demand a hearing for every new law. And why are they allowed one when we as a nation are not ?

Why is the Muslim community/religion/race/cult, allowed to have 'community leaders' when we British people arent ? Why are Muslims allowed to continue to disrupt, demand and be heard before the British public are ? If you or I were to become vegetarian and 2 million other Brits decided the same, do you think Mcdonald's would give us a few shops serving only veggie burgers ? No; of course they wouldn't. Would the Government change hospital, prison, school meals to adopt our menus before everyone else's ? No of course they wouldn't. Brits everywhere across the nation should stop buying halal meat - stop spending your money in the take aways that serve halal. Has it occurred to any of you guys that if the Muslim hate mongers told every takeaway owner to feed all their customers ricin or arsenic on a Friday and Saturday night that they would basically take out half of the working/drinking workforce of Britain overnight ? They don't have to strap a bomb to some poor halfwit to kill hundreds. That can hit thousands upon thousands in one night alone. And if the Muslim doctors all pull a sickie thay would kill far many more again. Think about it folks dont give them your fiver give it to the chinese fella, give it to the fish shop, or simply make a bacon butty when you get home. Starve them of our money and starve them out. Simplz.

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