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Monday, 12 April 2010

On the EDL [by Lotta]

- by Lotta

The EDL is an inclusive group of real people - human beings. You are right that extreme Islam is fascist and that the UAF have never stood up against this fascism. People who speak out against extreme Islam are called racist or bigoted. It is Islamic extremism that is racist, bigoted and full of hate for women. Islamic fundamentalists are fascists.

Having been threatened for doing no more than standing reading a newspaper in the street I live in by men who hated me as a result of their being influenced by extreme Islam, I've had enough. There has not been, until now, a community-based group that is not racist and that has the balls to stand up to extreme Islam and I'm glad to see the EDL. Having seen the EDL in London I found the guys friendly in the streets after the demo. The EDL were friendly to people who have stopped believing the UAF lies and want to hear what the EDL are saying. I felt perfectly safe around the EDL.

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