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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The New-Look UAF Will be at the Aylesbury Demo

“[t]he vast mass of workers will be liberated from their religious illusions not by arguments, pamphlets or books, but by participation in the revolutionary struggle, and beyond, in the building of socialism. In such a situation it is incumbent on the party to ensure that religious differences, or differences between the religious and the non-religious, do not obstruct the unity of working class struggle.” - Chris Molyneux (SWP)

Isn’t it strange how Leftists have suddenly become all spiritual and are now firm believers in hard-core interfaithing? Only a few years back these very same Leftists despised all religions and saw themselves as materialists and atheists in the Marxist style. Now all that's changed. Or has it? Of course it hasn’t! These people are simply using interfaithers and interfaith groups to further their own political agenda. This is something the far left has always done. They'll do anything, and use anything, to further the cause of revolution or the radicalisation of Britain. This is certainly the case in their 'fight against fascism' – fascisms which are usually nothing but the phantasms of their conspiratorial and deranged minds.

So don’t be too surprised that the Aylesbury counter-demonstration ‘organiser’, Steve Bell, is trying to get a number of ‘faith groups’ on his side – or on the side of the UAF-SWP – for the upcoming demo. He's managed to hoodwink a number of local religious groups. Perhaps after he has used the demo to further radicalise counter-demonstrators, he’ll calm down a bit and hold a prayer meeting for the new great faith: Inter-Faith.

On the subject of Steve Bell again. Who is this new kid on the block? Is this new arrival simply a case of UAF realising that Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett aren't doing them any favours, publicity wise? After all, both of these bellends have been arrested and now we all know exactly who they are and what their real political allegiances are… Enter Steve Bell. Steve Bell is also a union leader for UNISON. His job,no doubt, is to Trotskify the union, spend all its funds on strikes and books by Trotsky, and then basically ruin it.

Aylesbury’s Mix96 website (for the radio station) describes the forthcoming UAF counter-demo as a "peaceful counter demonstration". Oh, yes? Well, if that’s actually a UAF self-description it should hardly be relied upon. They're not going to say that they’ll be "holding a violent counter- demo" are they? It’s amazing how all these regional newspapers and websites are sucked in by the UAF. But that’s what Trots have always been good at. Sucking people in under false pretences. The revolutionaries and the radicals rarely say why they're really marching or why they're obsessed with ‘defeating fascism’ – obsessed to such a degree that they have to concoct various 'fascist' enemies and accuse just about everyone under the sun of being ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ or, nowadays, ‘Islamophobic’. All this is part and parcel of a larger revolutionary or radicalisation package which is hidden from all those gullible Methodist and Anglican clergy who think the Trots are only trying to ‘embrace diversity’ and ‘fight for community cohesion’. No they aren’t! They are trying to destroy ‘straight’ society. And if that includes alignments with Muslims and the Anglican clergy – then so be it.

Why is Mix96 automatically taking the UAF stance by simply assuming that the EDL is the enemy and that an organisation run by violent and anti-democratic Trots, UAF, is their friend? What’s going on here? This is like Alice-in-Trotskyland logic and politics. These regional newspapers and websites shouldn’t become the mouthpieces for the UAF by selling its counter-demos as something holier than the EDL.

Mix96 also talks about a "peaceful and multiracial spiritual event". If people want that, why don’t they come along to the EDL demo instead? Why is the EDL automatically seen as being full of bad guys? The Trots seem to have been successful in hoodwinking everyone in Aylesbury – or at least all the usual suspects, as well as Mix96. But that’s only because the Trots have always worked hard to deceive people and to propagate the radicalisation of this, that and the other. Very clever. It shouldn’t be clever to anyone who knows how the minds of the Steve Bells and other Trots work. Imagine the violent Martin Smith of the UAF getting a bit ‘spiritual’ on the 1st of May. What a joke. We don’t buy all this fluff and no one else should either.

Steve Bell, on the Mix96 website, also talks about "challenging the ideas" of the EDL. Really? Is it challenging the EDL’s ideas when the UAF fight with the police and scream at anyone who disagrees with them? Trots never challenge ideas in the debating or argumentative sense. They use straight violence or very high and loud voices – sometimes with the added help of megaphones. That is trying to stamp out other people’s ideas. There's no challenge at all.

And what does Steve Bell’s "celebrate international diversity and solidarity" actually mean? It’s nothing but PC-speak. These clichés and vacuous bits of verbiage are all designed to get some ideological point across. There's always some Leftist agenda hidden underneath all the nice words about ‘embracing diversity’ and whatnot. These are the political events, like the forthcoming demo, when the hard-working Trots score their political points and, who knows, perhaps get some new students on board the Trot Train to Revolution. And the fact that it's also "traditional labour movement day" is a godsend for the Trots in UAF. Actually, I’m not sure. Hasn’t the SWP given up on the working class and thrown all its eggs in the Islamist basket? Still, perhaps they can get a few workers to fight for Islamism.

Steve Bell also says that he wants to "unite rather than divide the people of Buckinghamshire". Well, if that’s the case, he should do all within his powers to stop the rise of Islamism and Islam generally. No one hates pluralism, tolerance and diversity more than the Islamists people like Bell romanticise – the Brown Exotics (like Hamas). These bastards will be the last people on earth to further the cause of a "multicultural Britain". See what they've done in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan and Somalia. Not much Diversity and Otherness in these countries, is there?

The counter-demo in Aylesbury (May 1st) will have various unions and union leaders on board. They’ve all got to do their bit "against fascism". Though not, of course, against IslamoFascism or the UAF’s own red fascism. No. Those fascisms are OK because they belong to the Brown Exotic and, in the latter case, to lecturers at universities.

This is the list of the groups the UAF has brought on board the radicalisation public-funded gravy train:
Bucks Health Branch of Unison, Oxford and Bucks UAF, Love Music Hate Racism, Aylesbury Vale Racial Equality, Usdaw, RMT, Bucks County Unison, NUT...


... and last, and most obviously, local students and "various socialist organisations". (What! You don’t mean the Socialist Workers Party, do you?)

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