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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Muslim Victims of Victimhood

It seems to me that many Muslims see themselves as victims - as being victims essentially. Being victims of this or that does not matter. Being a victim does. Being angry and burning effigies against this outrage and that one is at the heart of the matter of contemporary Islam. But this may be misleading to non-Muslims in that portraying Islam as being being a victim may well be the prime modus operandi for attack on Islam's non-Muslim critics.

Almost everyday we hear about this or that outrage against Islam, along with the predictable references to the 'myths about Islam' and 'Islamomophobia' that non-Muslim journalists faithfully repeat as absolute truths. This may be nothing but a pretext to establish and spread Islam as far and as wide as possible, which has always been the fundamental aim of Islam, its warriors and theologians.

Take the Pope's offence some years - in 2006.

I agree with many Muslim commentators in that I also think that, deep down, the Pope was indeed being critical of historical and contemporary Islam. His talk of a context-relative 14th century text is, I think, bogus and perhaps even disingenuous. However, I disagree with the same Muslims in the fact that I agree with the Pope's general negative appraisal of Islam's commitment to violent Jihad. The Pope should have the courage of his convictions and dispensed with diplomacy as the hollow promise of better things achieved by it. As for talk of 'bridge-building' between Islam and the various Western traditions of self-criticism and attempts at democracy, it is like trying to squeeze a round theocratic shape into a square secular and Christian hole.

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