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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Leftist Schools & Colleges [by Zcott]

- by Zcott

... schools and colleges are biased.

My geography teacher onced asked the class if we were proud to be British. I said no, because of extremists coming into the country and changing it to how they want. She then had a go at me for being racist, saying I hated all immigrants, etc. They don't bother to listen.

In college, it seems pretty pro-socialism too. In my history class when talking about socialism and capitalism, its bias towards socialism. "Capitalism you make your own way in the world. Socialism everyone's equal, born the same, everyone looks out for each other". That's pretty much a quote that was said today in fact.

For learning about British history. I learnt about the tudors in year 5, the Industrial Revolution in year 9. In GCSE, the British history I learnt about was liberal reforms, female suffrage, WW1. The main part of the GCSE course was on Nazi Germany and international relations.

Now I'm doing A level history (currently doing AS in my first year of college). I'm learning about Churchill and Mussolini. The course was changed, I think it we was meant to be doing the Russian communist revolution, so that's where I think students could get a grip hold on socialism from. And in A2, one of the things I learn about is Nazi Germany.

So nowadays whenever people see racism linked to a group, they immedietly think "these guys are fascist wannabe Nazis".

In one of my other classes, Government & Politics. It's a really quite a respectful atmosphere, although arguments do erupt now and again, mainly on things like fox hunting etc.. The socialists outweigh the nationalists in there. Every main party has a supporter in there (apart from Labour :P).

In my first lesson of Government & Politics, I was swayed into communism from when a 2nd year student was talking. I was a far-left socialist for 3 months before joining this forum. In fact, I still hold some socialist ideology.

In the text book we had, it covered the political parties. Under 'other parties' it had the BNP, which said it was so far right it was off the spectrum (see image attached). Whereas it didn't state any far-left parties, such as the SWP.

I know someone who says he's a communist; yet, knows nothing about communism, their ideology. He doesn't even know there's a communist party. He also told me to call him 'Joseph Stalin'. Instead I called him 'Unwashed'.

So, that's what I think it is. Going through a biased-education environment, believing everything you're told with out looking into it further, because, generally, you believe everything you're told in school and college.

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