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Friday, 2 April 2010

Karl Dallas Simply Adores Islam

There is a non-Muslim man, Karl Dallas of Bradford, who ceaselessly eulogises on behalf of Islam and all things Islamic.

One wonders how Dallas, or his counterparts, would actually be treated in an Islamic state. From what I have gathered, Dallas appears to be some kind of old-style socialist; perhaps even a revolutionary one. If this conjecture is correct, then it must now be said that many Muslims, of all types, think that socialism is an abominable belief-system primarily because of its humanist, secular, materialist and atheistic traditions and beliefs. For example, you cannot be an atheist, at least not out loud, in Pakistan, Iran or, indeed, in any other Islamic state. If Christians are persecuted in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, as they often are, then it is even more likely that socialists like, or unlike, Dallas, would be swiftly put in their place.

One must also presume that Dallas is the kind of political animal that is so anti-establishment and anti-British state that he will support any crackpot group or cause (e.g., 'Serial killers against the Tories') that is seen to challenge it or contradict the values of the British 'elite'. Thus the Socialist Workers Party, for example, quite effectively holds a banner that now says, 'What about the Rights of Muslims?'

Many commentators critical of such revolutionary, or even non-revolutionary, socialism have accused many of its followers as often using minorities, of whatever type whatsoever, as mere 'useful idiots' that can be employed to further the socialist cause or coming revolution. However, it is the members of the SWP who are the real 'useful idiots' - of Islamists! They provide them with the media space, placards, debates and articles in the Guardian, etc. with which they fight their own ideological battle against the British state and its secular ideals.

As for Karl Dallas, he may be, and probably is, a 'useful idiot' for Islamists and even for less radical Muslims in Bradford and beyond.

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