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Saturday, 17 April 2010

The English Defence League's Southport Squadron?

First of all, why is it wrong, or why it simply assumed to be wrong, that some Merseyside members of the 281 (Southport) Squadron Air Training Corps are part of the English Defence League? Is this how far political correctness and leftist dogma has got nowadays? This is like a witch hunt. And what is being hunted? Ordinary individuals who happen to support a group that fights against Islamic extremism and the imposition of sharia law on the British people. Do such people really deserve to be at the wrong end of a modern-day witch hunt?

In any case, I would be especially careful about trusting Indymedia as a source. And to think a regional paper, the Liverpool Echo, is relying on a far-left activist website. I wouldn’t trust Indymedia to show me to a bus stop. This group is utterly agenda-ridden and agenda-driven. That agenda is the revolutionary or the radical change of British society. Everything they write and say contains elements of that sometimes unstated ideological agenda. So I would advise the Liverpool Echo to relax a little and check other sources before they jump to any conclusions. Not that being a member of the EDL is a crime anyway. No doubt Indymedia would like to make it a crime. They would like to make lots of things a crime that are not part of its far-left agenda. Such is the totalitarian mindset of the far left and other ‘radical’ groups.

After what I have said about Indymedia, it will come as no surprise that we need to question and clarify the accusations of ‘racist jokes’ and ‘insults to Muslims’ which are supposed to have been on a Facebook group page of the Southport Squadron EDL. Let me state something that is definite. Many leftists and liberal-leftists unequivocally see any and all criticism of Islam as in itself racist. Thus saying that ‘Islam is oppressive’ or that ‘Mohamed was a killer’ is deemed by many people to be racist in itself. Let’s state that again. Any criticism of Islam is racist! That is the case for left-liberals and far leftists simply because Muslims are mainly brown, and they make up a minority religious group, which, by leftist definition, must also be oppressed by white people, either knowingly or unknowingly. Thus it is pretty damn easy to be ‘racist’ towards Islam or Muslims according to the rules laid down by far-leftist and liberal-leftist ideologues.

Pretty similar things can be said about the accusation of ‘insults’ to Muslims. Again, any and every criticism of Muslims or Islam or the Koran or Mohamed is deemed by Muslims, and their leftist suicidal helpers, to be an insult. We all know that Muslims are being offended by this, that and every other thing just about every day. Being the victims of insult or offence gives them all the excuses they need to attack various non-Muslim individuals, groups or institutions. For Muslims, the cry of ‘offence’ or ‘insult’ is the best form of attack. It is through these often utterly false claims that Islam and Muslims make the considerable advances they make, and have made, in this supposedly secular and non-Islamic society.

Finally, what about these ‘songs about RAF bombers shooting people down’? Yes; what about them? Come on. Get over it. I wish the PC Police would stop being so pious and self-righteous about all these tiny things in life. We do not live in a PC version of Calvin’s Zurich. Chill out!.. Actually, we do live in such a place. Shit!

Perhaps these young air cadets have reasons for supporting the EDL. Perhaps they have very good reasons for supporting the EDL. Did Indymedia, or the Liverpool Echo, even pause for one second to consider this oh-so-outrageous possibility? The possibility that young cadet pilots may support or sympathise with a patriotic organisation that is trying to win Britain back from the Islamists and their deconstructivist helpers within the far left? What is so damned outrageous about that? What is outrageous are the militants Muslims ruling the roost in Londonistan, the Islamic Republic of Bradford and elsewhere in the UK. What is outrageous are the numerous Muslim ghettoes in the UK which, even by leftist standards, are no-go areas. Now that’s what I call outrageous.

Yes, I would also take note of the high number of Southport Squadron who support the EDL. That number is 129. That is a lot. Probably 129 more than the membership of the UAF in that very same squadron. Maybe this large number of EDL supporters, along with the exponential growth of the EDL membership outside these cadets, should give people pause for thought. But of course the far left does not think. It states. It bans. And, ultimately, it kills.

However, it is no surprise that the air training organisation officials have distanced the group from claims that Southport cadets are linked to the EDL. All organisations in Britain today would need to make similar automatic denials. Even organisations that aren’t PC still have to be seen to be PC - otherwise they’ve had it! That is the PC state of the nation today. The totalitarianism of the PC mindset.

Thus Ashley Nettleton, the Air Cadets spokesman, predictably said:

“The Air Cadets is a youth organisation which encourages diversity and does not tolerate improper behaviour, including racism."

Note. Even air cadets are compelled to use words from the PC lexicon. For example, that the squadron ‘encourages diversity’. Don’t we all? Doesn’t everyone have to encourage and embrace diversity? If you don’t, you are well and truly fucked. That’s how bad things have got. Next we will be listening to Mike Tyson talking about ‘embracing diversity’ and ‘being at one with the Other’. Learn these cliches well. They will come in very handy if you want to climb the greasy pole of political correctness and leftist conformity.

This Liverpool Echo news piece even ends with a phone number. It says:

‘To report hate crime, call police on 0151-709 6010.’

Remember that number. You may need it.

OK then. How about the hate crimes which occur in very many of our mosques? The sermons about the ‘evil Jews’ and the ‘satanic west’? What about the Koran itself? That book outdoes Mein Kampf for pure unrelenting hatred and aggression. What about the Muslim schools which teach young Muslims to despise 'the infidel' and more especially the ‘evil Jews’ again? Does anyone report those hate crimes? No. So; let's report these hate crimes. But what will happen? They will be ignored because only the brown oppressed, Muslims, can be victims of hate crimes. We non-Muslims, on the other hand, can only be the people who commit hate crimes. Why is that. Because most of us are white and therefore part of the oppressor-class. Such illogic. But it’s the truth.

Not only did the Liverpool Echo rely almost exclusively on Indymedia, it also quotes from a Unite Against Fascism spokesman. UAF is the obedient child of the far-left Socialist Workers Party. It is totally unbiased, of course.

So is the EDL is ‘an organised,violent, racist group’ because UAF says it is ‘an organised, violent, racist group’? How can it possibly be be otherwise now that Indymedia and the far left UAF have spoken? All we can do is heed their wise and unbiased words.

UAF also says: “It would be bad news for Southport if this group got any stronger.”

Would it? Isn’t it even a mere possibility that such a thing would be good news? Not for Muslims and far leftists, of course, but for the vast majority of British people? However, Islamists and UAF don’t care about them. They are far too white, or too right wing, or too Christian, or too 'neo-con', or too 'Zionist', or too 'neo-liberal', for their tastes.

However, let the police have the final word:

“We are determined to deal robustly and effectively with offenders.”

Thus, the very membership - or even support - of the EDL is deemed an offence by the police. Make of that what you will.

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  1. Can you honestly justify use of images of William Blake, Winston Churchill and Ricky Gervais in an attempt to promote your ideas of Britain?

    You do not represent the majority in this country, let alone a major minority. You are a sour and unfortunately loud but incredibly small percentage of Britons who are single minded and have little in the way of understanding of Islam and it's culture. Your propoganda is damaging to not just Muslims but to the British majority.

    And following the French example? That's a terrible road to follow.