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Saturday, 3 April 2010


On the whole, it was a good day at Dudley. Still a few teething problems here and there. (I’ll leave the press to exaggerate them.) One thing I noticed is that the EDL mix is becoming more and more diverse by the month. The EDL really is ‘embracing diversity’. There were a few black people, a few Sikhs and even a Russian family. It terms of numbers, at the Birmingham demo in July there were less than one hundred EDL supporters. Today there were over three thousand. In other words, the EDL has more supporters in less than one year than the Socialist Workers Party has manged to get in around fighty years! Why is that? Because the EDL is tapping into what the British people really think and feel about radical Islam (as well as other things). The UAF/SWP Alliance is trying to force the British people to think and feel in certain PC ways.

The age range of the EDL is widening too. Yes, most EDL-ers are still fairly young, but there were many EDL-ers who were middle aged and even well-passed middle age. Of course there will be more young people because there are more young people in the population generally. So no surprise there. Things can only get better, as some New Labour twat once said.

Our lot were dropped off in Canders Way. Well, a dual carriageway in the middle of some fields just outside of Dudley centre. There were about ten EDL couches which had mainly come from Frankley services down the road. Quite impressive and a real show of strength and support. Things will only get better.

From there we marched into Dudley. Except it wasn’t really into Dudley centre. More the outskirts. This Short March was very good-natured with literally no trouble. The police seemed quite happy about things too. A few jokes were passed back and forth between the demonstrators and the police. Some coppers even looked a bit bored.

The march took us to a public car park. We were penned in there for the duration of the whole demo. So it wasn't a march. It was a static demostration. This was a bit frustrating. But I understand the problems the police would face with full-blown marches through the streets of Britain's cities and towns. I will not criticise the police. Some 'coppers are bastards'. Some postmen and gardners are bastards. So what? What's your point? So I'll leave criticism to the UAF, who think they are 'tools of the state' and 'in bed with the EDL'.

There was a very short spasm of trouble which lasted all of 15 minutes max. The culprits were mainly local Dudley teenagers who had come along for a bit of a scrap (as one of them actually admitted). These young ones will soon get the picture. That was not a football match or an excuse for a riot. However, it was also said that the police were stopping EDL supporters from rejoining the demo after they had left the car-park pen. And of course there were rumours of a UAF attack. I can’t honestly say if this was true or not.

(To be honest, I've just seen the disturbances at a London shop today. That seemed no better or worse than what happened today at Dudley. It always looks worse on the TV.)

There weren’t many speeches today. About four to be exact. The first one was from an Asian girl. She spoke about the evils of radical Islam and the complete disregard for the views of the people of Dudley regarding the huge mosque which is being built there. But who cares about the views of the British people on mosques and radical Islam? Not New Labour. Not Dudley council.

Strangely enough, a young Russian girl, of about ten, warned us about the terrors of radical Islam in Russia. She and her family had had personal experience of these things. She talked about the recent terrorist outrages in Moscow and elsewhere. In fact, isn't Russia encircled by Muslim states?

A young Sikh man, an EDL spokesman, also spoke at the demo. He said that he didn’t want to be associated with radical Islam simply because he was of Asian origin. He too warned of the complete disregard of the views of British. Not just in Dudley, but throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Is there anyone listening out there?

The numbers at each EDL demo seem to grow and grow. Today I would say that there were over 3,000 EDL supporters. I didn’t personally see a single UAF counter-demonstrator all day. Apparently the UAF had been in Dudley since around 11 am. The EDL didn’t get to their designated spot till about 2:30 or even later. We had spent much of our time on the dual carriageway just outside Dudley. Plenty of fields but not many UAF.

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