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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo Speech, by Guramit Singh (EDL)

EDL 3 April 2010

The English dictionary says "a wish is a hope or desire for something", We all know, we all wish everyday. 20,000 members of the Dudley public have made a wish. They have petitioned against a super mosque being built in their town.

This proposed mosque is the size of 3 football pitches with minarets built to such a height they generally impose on a large scale on Dudley. Not only will this eyesore pose a visual threat for the people of Dudley, it has the potential to threaten their lives as well, The mosque is being funded by Saudi Arabia which believes in Wahhabbi Islam, the same interpretation Osama bin Laden bases his worldwide jihad on.

So in what way would this be a benefit to the Dudley community when it has the common attributes for being a breeding ground for radical Muslims? It also has clustered around it a community which will be only for Muslims. Segregation, if proposed by myself or any other member of the British public, would be classed as a act of racism and ethnic cleansing.

So how will this benefit this city? The majority have stood and petitioned, but yet again this is completely ignored by the local government. The people of Dudley do not wish to have this enormous threat on their doorstep. They have a basic human right to be protected from this nightmare construction project and the potential nightmare cannot be allowed to manifest itself here. 20,000 wishes were overlooked by Dudley council.

Well, people of Dudley, on this day April 3rd 2010, members of the English Defence League are here to make your wishes come true, for this is England, and we will not tolerate it!!! We, the English Defence League, will march every four weeks until the Outline Planning Permission has been overturned.

We will make sure the people of Dudley’s voices are heard and not put on a back bench to appease local Muslims. There is no need for this super mosque to be constructed and the morale of the people of Dudley be demolished. We will stand, we will fight and the English Defence League will grant them of their wish, for this is England and our voices will not be dismissed!!!

I can quite easily give you a brief outline of what the female Muslim population of this country wish for. They wish for their husbands to not commit acts of bigamy, they wish not to be suppressed and forced to wear burkhas. These are illegal under Common Law, but yet again the government give special treatment to the same militant Muslims, that recently killed 40 and injured 87 in the recent suicide bomb attacks in Russia, for they fear being called racist.

Why don’t the government do something about the female Muslim issues we have happening right now in this country? Cases of forced marriage of schoolgirls are rife in this country. Many girls are attending school one day then, after a seasonal holiday, are never to be seen again. I can tell you their wish. It s to come home, to be safe, to enjoy the privilege of living in this country, the same as the rest of us.

Another massive problem they face is undergoing the procedure of FGM, female genital mutilation, about which I will not go into description, but which leaves these poor girls physically and mentally scared for life. All done in the name of their religion. Why not invest and deal with these problems in your community rather than building breeding grounds for terrorism? This would never be a wish for some of these girls. It is their basic human right under Common Law to be protected, but still no one listens.

So we will march, we will demonstrate and we will highlight these issues wherever necessary because this is England and we will not give up on ourselves, and as one of my fellow leaders Tommy Robinson once said in Stoke, "from Land's End to John o Grouts,


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