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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Trig]

- by Trig

I woudnt even start comparing yesterday to Iraq. Te problem we got is after the problems at Stoke. So many excuses were trown about and ultimately, we brougt stewards in which was a top idea and we buried our head in the sand hoping this wouldnt happen again.

London was a totally different demo as it was mainly made up of the committed elements. Not an ounce of trouble. No racist chanting and everyone having a laugh.

Bolton was a great turnout. Sadly as some people mentioned, there was some minor overtones that thankfully never surfaced. We only had one way of breaking through to the UAF which in all honesty we couldn't have hoped to have got trough. Even though a lot of people did try. Something which people fail to mention.

Yesterday was disgusting. There was no problem about the site. The police were fine until our blokes decided for some unknown reason to charge the fences and try to get the police and get into town.

When are the EDL going to wake up and try and do someting about this? We had no UAF at all, so no reason to cause mayhem. Yesterday does show us that within the EDL there are a lot of people who are hellbent on just coming out for a piss up and hopefully get to attack the UAF or muzzies. This is not just a minority or locals. Actual EDL and actual divisions.

We have such an important fight on our hand. Sadly we seem just to be burying our head in the sand and we will lose this.

I personally am not going to bother with this if it carrys on like this in the next 3 demos, as ultimately we are not going to achieve a thing as we are.

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