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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dudley Demo [by Scott_Lee]

- by Scott_Lee

First and foremost though, who the hell says that these people are EDL? Where is the proof for that? What are their names? Which divisions are they in? You don't know!

So how about we stop this overreaction and view the day for what it was on the whole a great success! Why are you constantly focusing on the negative when there are so many more positives?

Yes there are issues that need addressing in the EDL and its following and yes some of them are having a negative impact on the EDL but let us not lose sight of why we came into being and what our goals are.

The issues that we are fighting for are contentious to say the least and attract a wide range of people who have a wide range of emotions on the subject...

Let us not also forget that there are 'elements' who are hell bent on causing trouble for troubles sake as well as there being elements who would cause trouble for the sole purpose of tainting the name of the EDL in the eyes of the very people who we are supporting.

The EDL is still in its infancy and is slowly finding its feet and along the way there will be some gains AND losses but lets stick together, stop all this infighting which will only play into the hands of our enemies and lets get rid of the bad apples and keep reinforcing the principles of the EDL in our members until it sinks in.

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