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Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Dudley Demo According to the Birmingham Mail

“Speeches denouncing fascism were given by David Walker, the Bishop of Dudley, a number of union leaders and members of the Love Music Hate Racism group.”

The Bishop of Dudley must be either very naïve or wilfully deceitful. Doesn’t he ever wonder to himself what happens to Christians in Islamic countries? They are persecuted and killed. In Pakistan, churches are burned down. In Iraq there are hardly any Christians left – they have either fled or been killed by Muslim ‘insurgents’. This is the case in just about every Muslim country, also including the Sudan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. Does he think that the Muslims he knows, from ‘inter-faith’ meetings, will not act in the same ways once they are the majority and/or when they gain real power in this country? It’s alright Muslims being interfaithy today if they need to grease up Christians. But these Muslims will soon change their tunes and actions once Islam has a clear majority or real power.

Does he also know that the group Love Music Hate Racism is a front for the SWP? It is run by the SWP’s national secretary, Martin Smith, who is also the spokesman for UAF. Does the Bishop of Dudley know that the SWP is a Trotskyist party which, until it started sucking Muslim arse, was militantly atheist and believed in violent revolution? Indeed do Church of England bishops no anything about anything nowadays, except how to be all fluffy and inter-faithy.

“Wordsley resident Jerry Langford, 53, who was at the UAF event, said: “The EDL are not welcome in the Black Country. “They’re only here to try to open up divisions and create racial tension.”

So why aren’t UAF Londoners and other Islamist southerners similarly not welcome in Dudley? Most UAF protesters were shipped in from all over the shop. Why is that right for the UAF but wrong for the EDL?

No. It is usually Muslims or Islamists who ‘open up divisions’. Just look at all the Muslim countries in the world in which pluralism is just a word and where Christians are persecuted. And this is exactly how British and Dudley Muslims will act when they have majority status and real political power. How can Jerry Langford be so ignorant or naïve?

As for ‘racial tension’ we can fairly say that Asian Muslims are just about the most racist group in the UK today. I suggest that Langford take a hike into any of the numerous Muslim ghettoes in the UK, from Bradford, to Blackburn, to the Tower Hamlets. He will be lucky to come out alive.

“Weyman Bennett, UAF joint secretary, hailed the UAF event a huge success. “We wanted to stand with Dudley’s inter-faith groups here today. Dudley is a multi-racial multi-cultural town and it was great to be here today to celebrate that,” he said.”

Fancy quoting Weyman Bennet without a single word of criticism or even curiosity. This man is a Trot revolutionary, by his own admission. He is a leading member of the SWP which does not believe in parliamentary democracy but does believe in political violence. He also supports the inter-faithers Hamas and Hezbollah. And yet this Marxist atheist glibly talks about ‘inter-faith groups’. I can’t believe how uncritical the Birmingham Mail actually is. This is a disgrace and shows that paper’s true political allegiances.

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