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Friday, 16 April 2010

The Death of Christianity, and the Birth of Islam, in Dudley

A Muslim doctor has said that Christianity is being ‘eroded’ by politically-correct individuals seeking to remove religion from society. Well, he is wrong. The PC Thought Police are not seeking to remove religion from society. They are seeking to remove Christianity from society. Islam, on the other, is thriving. And it is in large part thriving precisely because of these very same ‘politically-correct individuals’. Their illogic is this:

Christianity/Christians = white = imperialist, etc. = like mummy, daddy, granddaddy, etc = bad
Islam/Muslims = brown = exotic = holist, spiritual, etc. = not like mummy, daddy, granddaddy, etc = good

Of course there are other reasons why the PC Thought Police thinks that Christianity is bad and Islam is good. It requires a few more variables and place-fillers for that equation to give you a fairer hint of how silly and simplistic the mindsets of these PC individuals really are.

Why else would the PC-ers ‘simply adore’ a religion, Islam, which is deeply reactionary, fascist, misogynist, expansionist, brutal, authoritarian, hierarchical, and the rest? Simples. These people are still rebelling against a Western imperialism which only existed many, many years ago. And that imperialism was led by white people who weren’t that unlike their own parents, grandparents, etc. Thus they must embrace the Brown Exotic and any other exotics that demand and want or are offended or insulted. Other brown exotics, of course, are not as loud as Muslims. The Muslims get the most ear-time, and have all the ideological work, which is needed to defend the indefensible, done by white graduates either long out of university, just out of university, or in university. In the universities they will have been taught about how uniquely evil ‘the West’ is. How uniquely evil the British Empire was. They would have been taught this by middle-class white people who are really not that unlike their parents, grandparents and their relations further back.

It had to be a Muslim who told us that Christianity is being eroded from our society. If a Christian, a white Christian, had done so he would have been shot down in flames by the very same PC Thought Police. They would have accused him of being ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘elitist’ or ‘racist’ or something else with ‘ist’ at the end of it. Being a Muslim, this doctor should have known that what he said did not apply at all to his own religion – to Islam.

I don’t think that ‘secularist groups’ are that much to blame either. It is far leftists and left-liberals who are far guiltier than any ‘secularist groups’. It is they who have the power in the universities, the council offices and so on. Secularist groups are small in comparison. And what they do is try to persuade by argument. The councillors, professors, lecturers at universities, and politicians, on the other hand, have political or social power and of course the ears and minds of their students. Of course Dr Taj Hargey can’t really point the finger at these types of people, rather than his miniscule secularist groups, because he will obviously know that he, as a Muslim, and his religion have been helped enormously by the aforesaid cultural and political groups within our society.

Dr Taj Hargey, however, does agree with me when he says that those in charge do support what he calls ‘minority religions’. No. Not religions with an ‘s’. One minority religion. Islam. Ask what Hindus and Sikhs think about this. Ask those who complained to the BBC about the fact that 4 out of 5 ‘religious programmes’ were about Islam. Ask them where council funding is going. Not to Sikhs or Hindus or Jews. To Muslims. Ask them who is and who is not represented to large degree in the council chambers of the UK. Muslims are. Hindus and Sikhs are not.

Let us hear Dr Taj Hargey in full (from the Daily Mail):

"I am Muslim. But even as a non-Christian, I can see all too clearly the shameful way in which Britain's national faith is being eroded. The over-riding impression is that the state increasingly favours minority religions over Britain's own."

Take the case of the to-be-built massive mosque in Dudley and its parallel centre for ‘the community’. Many Christian leaders and interfaithers in Dudley have effectively signed their own death warrants in supporting the building of this super-mosque. (Yes! It is still very big even if it is ‘smaller than other mosques’.) When it is finished and running, Dudley will be flooded by Muslims from all over the West Midlands and indeed all over the UK. Of course there will be ‘community cohesion’ because every non-Muslim, except for the Vicar of Dudley, a few Trots (proving a point), etc., will have moved out of Dudley; or at least that part of Dudley. The rhetoric is that the ‘community centre’ is ‘for everyone’ – Muslim and non-Muslim. I can guarantee that within a few months not a single non-Muslim (except the Vicar of Dudley or some ethnic-exotica-loving Trots) will use that centre. Of course, at the very beginning, when the Birmingham Mail photographers, etc. are there, Muslims and their non-Muslim interfaithing bed pals will be strategically placed in the said centre. There will be smiles all around and the shaking of hands. As I said before, within a month or two, or maybe within a day or two, of this lovefest for the interfaithers the surrounding area of the mosque will be a Muslim ghetto. How do I know that? Because what will happen has already happened in numerous UK towns and cities. In each and every case Muslim ghettoes have sprung up alongside these water holes of ‘ethnic and social cohesion’ - the mosques.

That is one of the reasons why Christianity is dying. It has far more to do with things like this, alongside the other suicidal tendencies of the Anglican Church, that is the real cause of what the Muslim doctor speaks. It has very little, if anything, to do with ‘secularist groups’ or the Richard Dawkins of this world. Just think about the case of the Rev Ray Gaston of Respect, sorry, of Birmingham. Think about his once ‘living for a year as a Muslim’. Was that supposed to have helped the Methodist or Anglican faith in some way? His being a candidate for the Muslim and Pakistani Respect can’t help Anglicanism or Methodism much. His very close relationship with IslamoTrots and other far leftists like Salma Yaqoob will not help either. Now these are the real reasons why the Christian religion is dying and why the beast of Islam is feasting and burgeoning on the death of everything but itself.


  1. Good read, and very very true. These PC lovvie twerps have no idea to the damgage they've caused to this country. PC is a serious cancer,and the main thing it's eating away at is our freedom.

  2. On page 59 of The Qur'anic Concept of War, Brig. S.K. Malik identifies for us the first and most important step in casting terror into the hearts of the enemy. It is the destruction of their faith.