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Monday, 5 April 2010

British Muslims Against Britain

Many pious British Muslim are keen to tell us what they dislike about British culture. They are not too keen to tell us what they like about it. So if they dislike British culture so much why don’t they emigrate – like the Puritans did – to a less godless part of the world? Why not to Islamic Saudi Arabia, for example, where people are put to death for what many Muslims call ‘licentiousness’? Or why not Afghanistan, where women are murdered for not wearing the veil? However, didn't Anjem Choudry say that 'Britain is Allah's'?

Here in Britain there is no evidence of ‘diminishing morality’. Have these pious Muslims ever read any histories of, say, 17th or 18th century London? If they had, they would see that there is plenty of increased morality here in the West. (They should also check out the local histories of 19th century Britain!) For example, what about the increased concern for the environment? For women’s rights? For the poor in the Third World? All this is not an example of ‘diminishing morality’. It is simply a different set of moral values. A set of moral values that doesn’t see unmarried sex, for instance, as one of the greatest sins.

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