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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Anti-War Movement Against Tony Blair

(Respect's George Galloway
meeting Saddam Hussein.)

I think that we should remember, regardless of Blair’s genuine lies, what sort of regime the US and the UK helped topple in Iraq in 2003. At his worst, Saddam Hussein was murdering thousands of his opponents each month. He went to war with Iran – a war which cost millions of lives. He gassed and killed tens of thousands of Kurds. And he might not have had nuclear or chemical weapons, but he definitely wanted them. What would he have done with them? He promised to destroy Israel , as Iran does today.

In addition, many of the people who talk about Bush and Blair ‘breaking international law’ would have been against the invasion even if it was legal. Many in the ‘anti-war movement’ are against anything Western leaders and Governments do anywhere. Also, many British Muslims in the anti-war movement were indeed unhappy with Saddam Hussein (he was ‘too secular’ for many Muslims). However, they were still against the war, but only because it was non-Muslims who invaded a Muslim country.

As for international law. At the moment it is the case that just about every war (which involves the West) seems to be declared illegal by the UN and other bodies.

I agree that Blair is a liar. In fact I reckon he is a compulsive liar. (Remember that silly lie he told about going to a football match which occurred before he was actually born?) But we should also be aware of the ideological motives which drive many of the people behind the ant-war movement. For example, many of the most active and political members of this movement once wanted Saddam Hussein to ‘free Palestine ’.

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