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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What I'm against... [by njh1972]

- njh1972

I'm not against any religion. I'm not against homosexuality, I'm not against Blacks, Chinese, Germans, The French (ok maybe the French) I'm not against drugs and I'm not against a lot of things.

What I am against is the fact that I can't take the kid (on maybe one of very few trips back to England) to visit the shelter in a local park that was built in Victorian times and say "I used to sit under this when I was a kid when it was raining". Because it has now been burnt down and destroyed like the rest of the park and it's a no-go area for me.

I'm against the fact that because I support my local team, my country and that I wear those shirts with pride and also that I just happen to shave my head (because I would look a c**t if I didn't) I CANT go to the places I grew up because I know I will eventually get a kicking.

I'm against the fact that I don't want to put my real name on here (even though I do ) and that I left the EDL group on FB because I thought about it the other night and I don't want to put my father at risk who lives in a somewhat sensitive area. ( I will rejoin under another account)

You know what I hate the most?

The fact that that I am labeled racist (Tho I will admit to being a bit of a hoolie) for thinking this way and that those c**ts out there that do it don't realise that for every one person that feels this way and speaks out, there are hundreds that feel the same way but are unable to say it.

You know I'm not great at writing very well put articles together like some of the educated wankers out there on the political forums even though I have a degree and I speak quite a few languages ( c# , c, c++, etc, etc, etc so English for me is irrelevant for me to some degree)

But i will write this.

f**k you and f**k off. You will take my country over my dead body!

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