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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Unite Against Fascism [by Southwales]

Five days ago on the "Unite Against Fascism" website, an update was posted regarding the English/United Defence League:

There are 8 claims on this site which have elaborately linked us to racism, fascism, neo-nazism, the National Front and holligans. I intend to give my view and defend the EDL and my comrades against these slurs and give my personal opinion on what they have to say. The highlighted are claims and remarks regarding many things of the EDL.

The racist hooligans

We are not racist hooligans and we do not wan't racist hooligans. I accept many have joined prior; but the small minority who did come along have been condemned on this forum and will not be allowed back at demonstrations. I think I speak for the majority of this forum who have no interest in violence and I personally have no interest in football.

The UAF are in denial about the fact that this claim is untrue im sure the UAF and the UAF forum trolls realise this by now but they are in such denial they wont change there statements due to the contradiction to what they post incomparison to what they see. (I'm sure there are over ten UAF trolls on this board.)

"Anti-Muslim demonstrations"

The demonstrations are not anti-Muslim, They are anti-Muslim extremist. I would open my arms to any patriotic Muslim who agrees that there should be a protest against Muslim extremism.

Muslim extremism would affect us all - including decent Muslims who would have there liberties taken away.

EDL demonstrations have seen their thugs attack Asian people:
I have never heard of Asians being attacked, And if a member did attack a Muslim out of principle, they should not be allowed with us. I have not came across supporters who call for people to attack Muslims on this forum or un-offical forums, This is a blatant lie and generally the attacking was of Muslim lads attacking EDL members and people who had nothing to do with the protest.


and worse at passers-by and make "seig heil" Nazi salutes.

I am aware that two members out of thousands gave a Nazi salute. I do not want to be associated with these evil neo-Nazis. I am glad that Britain defeated Hitler and the fact Britain never had to submit to Hitler's jackboots.

Also people who have tried to support the Nazis have been banned. If you are a Nazi on this site - f**k off back to Stormfront!

It is vital that we do not sit back and allow a small minority of racist thugs, with links to the fascist the BNP, to terrorise and intimidate Muslims in Britain

We are not terrorizing Muslims, We are here because Muslim extremists have been terrorizing us.

The united defence leagues are not so much a minority due to the fact we are growing every single day, and the fact the EDL rose from nothing. I think it is about time UAF accept the fact that the EDL rose from people's anger at Muslim extremist protesting against our soldiers. It has nothing to with the BNP.

Regarding the BNP. Yes, there probily are BNP sympathizers on this board; but that is because the EDL is anti-Muslim extremist like the BNP. I am aware the BNP is against Islam as a whole, which is not so much the case for the EDL.

"All communities need to stand up and link arms with Muslims..

That's why we helped mobilise thousands of people in Harrow last month to defend the local mosque against the EDL and its affiliates."

Harrow mosque was not EDL. They are trying there best to link us, But there was no connection or links at all. Did you see EDL banners? Also this was the result of what they organised they made out it was peaceful and respectable; but the reality was much different.

We must not let these thugs turn the clock back to the 1970s when they ran round the streets terrorising black and Asian people -- or back to the 1930s when Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts targeted Jews in the East End of London. We have no interest in terrorizing people. Yet again the desperation in UAF resorts to comparing us to the British Union of Fascists, and the National Front. I have no interest in facism. I am opposed to fascism as well as communism.

If they want to blame anyone, blame Muslim extremists. Hell will freeze over before that happens.

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